Warehouse Jobs

All About Warehouse Jobs

You're organized, you're efficient and you're looking for a job that won't keep you chained to a desk. You need a warehouse job.

Warehouse jobs are great for people who want better-than-average pay with flexible job hours. Warehouses are usually open around the clock, and depending on your position, you may even get to pick the shift you want to work.

There are both physical and non-physical warehouse jobs. Some warehouse workers are required to move and lift heavy boxes, while others, like clerks, help prepare orders for shipping.

You might even get to operate a forklift (although you will need certification first). If you’ve got your CDL (commercial driver's license), or are planning to get one, then you should consider becoming a warehouse truck driver. This job involves transporting goods to and from the warehouses on a set route.

Companies Looking for Warehouse Workers

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Safety & Health: Warehouse Jobs

According to OSHA , each year, tens of thousands of injuries related to powered industrial trucks (PIT), or forklifts, occur in US workplaces. Many employees are injured when lift trucks are inadvertently driven off loading docks, lifts fall between docks and an unsecured trailer, they are struck by a lift truck, or when they fall while on elevated pallets and tines. Most incidents also involve property damage, including damage to overhead sprinklers, racking, pipes, walls, and machinery. Unfortunately, most employee injuries and property damage can be attributed to lack of safe operating procedures, lack of safety-rule enforcement, and insufficient or inadequate training.