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Your Guide to the Best Student Jobs

It's about that time of year again...time to start thinking about going back to school. Have you thought about how you're going to pay for all those sweet new outfits, books, football games, etc.?

Having a part-time job while you're in school is not only a great way to save up some cash, it's a way to build your resume, gain experience, create some valuable connections and have a reference in your back pocket for the next time you start job searching. Don't forget about the awesome employee discount you could get!

Ready to find a student job you’ll actually love? We have hourly jobs in almost every field: education, healthcare, hospitality, retail, customer service, the restaurant industry and more.

Restaurant Jobs for Students

Restaurants offer some of the best student jobs. Flexible hours, tips, great camaraderie, food discounts, and did I mention tips? Hostess jobs are great for extroverts; laid-back students may enjoy delivery driver jobs or cook jobs.

Popular restaurant jobs for students:

Student Jobs in Retail

Many stores have jobs for students as cashiers and sales associates. The perks: a sweet store discount and a fun work environment. If you'd rather not stand behind the register, consider a behind-the-scenes job as a merchandiser or warehouse associate.

Popular student jobs in retail:

Student Jobs in Customer Service

There are tons of student jobs that involve some kind of customer service, from housekeeping to amusement park admissions. If you're friendly and can summon your inner Zen calm when dealing with demanding customers, take a look at these customer service jobs for students.

Popular customer service jobs for students:

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