Security Guard Resume Tips

Trust your gut when you build your security guard resume. Include the training, skills, and experience you bring to the job – especially your appreciation for safety.

Security Guard Resume Highlights - Skills and Responsibilities

Keep a close eye on the skills gained in security or law enforcement:

  • Security
  • Driving record
  • Communication skills
  • Security equipment

Security Guard Resume Highlights - Success Stories

Major on-the-job accomplishments show your commitment to safety:

  • Special assignments
  • Leadership roles
  • Safety and performance

Security Guard Resume Example

Security Guard, At Ease Security, Arms, WA
March 2012 - Present


  • Security: Security officer for home, commercial, and event security company. Assigned to patrol in private communities; day and night watch of office building complexes, including surveillance equipment; and event entrance and premise oversight.
  • Licensed driver: Valid state drivers license with clean driving record.
  • Security equipment: Familiar with multiple residential and commercial security systems, as well as control room surveillance technology.


  • Assigned as lead in adequately staffing and organizing security for political visits, expos, and special events.
  • Promoted to shift commander for community patrols and commercial shifts.
  • Praised for professionalism and communication skills. Commended for avoiding use of physical force by verbally diffusing confrontation and subduing suspects.


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