Retail Sales Associate Resume Tips

It’s time to turn those sales skills inside out. Sell your value by presenting your own features and benefits in a great salesperson resume.

Retail Sales Associate Resume Highlights - Skills and Responsibilities

The more skills from experience, the better. Duties from related jobs count as well:

  • Service and sales
  • Product information
  • Software skills
  • Cash handling

Retail Sales Associate Resume Highlights - Success Stories

Talk yourself up - remember, you are the merchandise here:

  • Achieving goals
  • Extra commitment
  • Added responsibilities

Retail Sales Associate Resume Example

Retail Sales Associate, Lit, Marshall, AL
February 2012 - Present


  • Retail sales and service: Full-time retail sales associate, providing friendly guidance and service in upscale lighting retail store. Responsible for helping both walk-in and appointment customers with single lighting purchases or whole-house lighting plans, and referring homeowners to preferred technicians.
  • Product guidance: Learn specs and applications for display and special order items; review catalog releases to maintain knowledge of available products and manufacturer styles.
  • Lighting software: Utilize Light Chart design software to layout lighting plans based on customer measurements, needs, and desired effects.


  • Tested and implemented selling steps process to increase walk-in conversions by 20% (2013 over 2012).
  • Volunteered to work local and neighboring city home show booths. Handled transporting, assembly, and takedown of vignettes; greeted attendees and presented event promo; answered questions about display and available services; scheduled consultations.
  • Assigned cash register open and close duties, including nightly bank deposit.

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