Lifeguard Resume Tips

Achieving a position as a lifeguard requires an updated resume that shows your passion for the job and your skills in aquatic safety. Focus on how your strengths and successes have prevented injuries and saved lives.

Lifeguard Resume Highlights – Skills and Responsibilities

Draw attention to your love for aquatic activities and for keeping people safe. Employers want to see that you are qualified and eager to work:

  • Ensuring safety
  • Regulating chemicals
  • Maintaining cleanliness
  • Leadership

Lifeguard Resume Highlights – Success Stories

Show off your areas of expertise and how you've successfully dealt with challenging situations:

  • Additional certifications
  • Positive reviews
  • Leadership roles

Lifeguard Resume Example

Full-time Lifeguard, Camp Overlook, Pittsburgh, PA

April 2009 – August 2011


  • Lifeguard: Full-time camp lifeguard at a summer camp that hosted approximately 100 different children every week. Demonstrated the ability to search aquatics area and take note of any unsafe or questionable issues.
  • Cleaning and chemicals: Checked and regulated the chlorine and pH levels of the water. Proved ability to consistently maintain chlorine and pH levels at 7.4. Cleaned the pool daily by vacuuming the pool bottom, dredging any debris from the surface, emptying filters, scrubbing tiles and spraying off pool chairs.
  • Leadership: Successfully prevented or stopped children from running on the pool decks or engaging in any potentially dangerous activities. Showed initiative with campers' parents by explaining policies and safety expectations.


  • Lifeguard & First Aid, CPR, AED, Oxygen and Swim Instructor Certified: Earned through the American Red Cross.
  • 30 hours of water safety and medical training, annually, 2009-2011.
  • Successfully conducted simple rescues for several children who were in distress during swim lessons.
  • Effectively conducted a deep-water backboard rescue for a child with a suspected neck injury.
  • Administered oxygen to a child who had an asthma attack after a swim lesson.

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