Cook Resume Tips

Working as a cook offers a variety of job opportunities, from steady institutional positions to creative restaurant jobs. The perfectly-seasoned resume will help you find a position to suit your tastes.

Cook Resume Highlights - Skills and Responsibilities

Show you have the skills to keep up in a busy kitchen:

  • Food preparation
  • Food safety
  • Kitchen management

Cook Resume Highlights - Success Stories

Highlight culinary success and dedication:

  • Training
  • Leadership roles
  • Positive ratings
  • Kitchen updates

Cook Resume Example

Cook, Valley Community College, Willamette OR
March 2012 - Present


  • Food preparation: Responsible for preparation of workstations and final dishes in college cafeteria. Duties include stocking of workstations with properly chopped, diced, sliced, etc. ingredients before open hours; production of short-ordered dishes; continual cooking and restocking of buffet items.
  • Food safety: Utilize food handler training and certification to ensure safe food handling practices and kitchen sanitation.
  • Kitchen management: Assigned inventory management of breakfast and salad bar items. Responsible for accurately estimating weekly ingredient needs and preparing vendor order.


  • December 2013 – Food manager training certificate.
  • Lead cook for breakfast short-order and lunch sandwich line. Manage two additional cooks and oversee final plate quality.
  • Reorganized prep stations in my oversight areas to reduce redundancy and, in turn, wait times. Average number of diners in line reduced from 12 to 4.


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