Resume Examples and Tips

Our Resume Tips will help you identify which skill and responsibilities you should highlight. They also provide examples of success stories you should share as part of your resume. Finally, we show you an example of what a resume entry could look like for that specific job. We’ll be continually adding to this list so keep checking back if you don’t see your job here today.

Education Jobs

Teacher Resume Tips
Focus on your love of teaching and, now more than ever, a commitment to guiding students to achievement goals.

Teacher Assistant Resume Tips
Finding a job as a Teacher Assistant requires proof of organization, time management and patience. Highlight these skills when applying.

Food & Restaurant Jobs

Barista Resume Tips
According to Merriam Webster, a barista is "someone who makes and serves coffee and coffee drinks…" Clearly, neither Merriam nor Webster is familiar with the tact and dedication necessary when facing the caffeine-starved zombies of the 7:30 a.m. rush.

Bartender Resume Tips
Land a top bartender job with a resume that shows off your experience behind the bar and your appreciation for customer service. But remember to include your appreciation for management and the bottom line.

Chef Resume Tip
Your chef resume is the amuse-bouche of of your passion for food and hospitality. Be sure to offer future employers a sample of your skills and professionalism.

Cook Resume Tips
Working as a cook offers a variety of job opportunities, from steady institutional positions to creative restaurant jobs. The perfectly-seasoned resume will help you find a position to suit your tastes.

Line Cook Resume Tips
Working as a line cook is a great stepping stone to get into the restaurant industry. Focus your resume on your ability to work quickly and efficiently and prove that you know your way around the kitchen.

Restaurant Manager Resume Tips
Put your resume in order with a smorgasbord of experience. With so many duties to cover, you’ll want to group them into key areas of restaurant management.

Server Resume Tips
Don’t miss the server job at the restaurant you want. Move to the top of the list by filling your server resume with attention to quality, service, and detail.

Waiter Resume Tips
The best restaurant jobs come to those who don’t wait…to build a top shelf resume. With so many applicants, your resume may only have a few seconds to catch a busy manager’s eye.

Waitress Resume Tips
Gain experience as a waitress or get hired at the job you want. Use your waitress resume to show you are concerned for service, sales, and efficiency - and bringing customers back.


Healthcare Jobs

Caregiver Resume Tips
Use your caregiver resume to offer peace-of-mind to an agency, individual or family member searching for a compassionate professional like you. Your experience and bedside manner will help you stand out.

Dental Assistant Resume Tips
Writing your dental assistant resume doesn’t have to be a pain. Your job description alone is filled with the various duties that move patients in and out of a busy office, and provide relief and support to dental staff.

Dental Hygienist Resume Tips
Highlight your resume to show your training, education and love of customer service.

Esthetician Resume Tips
Use a resume that gets noticed to find an esthetician job in the facility that suits your style with. Buff up your resume to include the skills and duties that clients want and, in turn, salons and spas need.

Medical Assistant Resume Tips
As a medical assistant, you offer industry-specific skills and knowledge to the staff you support and the and patients you help. Fill your resume with details of the training and experience you bring to a busy clinic or practice.

Nanny Resume Tips
Your childcare expertise has outgrown the average nanny job description. Use your resume to help loving parents find the best caregiver for their family - you!

Nurse Resume Tips
The growing need for nurses makes this a promising career and a competitive field. Put yourself in high demand by filling your resume with the credentials, experience, and passion that set you apart.

Nursing Assistant Resume Tips
Only your fellow nursing professionals truly get how much heart and soul you pour into your field. Managers were there once too, and will recognize that devotion when it’s woven into your nursing assistant resume.

Personal Trainer Resume Tips
Is your personal trainer resume fit for the job you want? Strengthen your career path by highlighting the credentials and passion that show your commitment to happy clients and a profitable facility.

Pharmacy Technician Resume Tips
The prognosis is good for pharmacy tech jobs. But you’ll still want to build a resume that gets you hired in the clinic, pharmacy, or hospital that suits your personal career path.

Registered Nurse Resume Tips
Give your nursing resume the treatment it needs to get you noticed in this competitive industry. Draw attention to your technical expertise and passion for patient care.


Office Job

Accountant Resume Tips
Prepare a resumed that shows the bottom line – these businesses need a confident numbers person, like you.

Administrative Assistant Resume Tips
A great administrative assistant resume showcases your variety of experiences and skills.

Bookkeeper Resume Tips
Solving the equation of your bookkeeper resume is so simple. Carry the one and factor in the skills and experience that show your appreciation for accuracy.

Executive Assistant Resume Tips
You are accustomed to anticipating a busy exec’s needs. Design your executive assistant resume to show your future employer you’ve remembered skills they didn’t even know they need.

Finance Manager Resume Tips
Total your numbers skills and build a balanced financial manager resume. These money management jobs come from companies big and small - entry-level to experienced positions.

Financial Analyst Resume Tips
How do you show employers you live and breathe numbers and patterns? Fill your resume with the key analytics and reporting they’re counting on.

Manager Resume Tips
Step up and lead your career to the management job that’s right for you. Build a resume that concisely communicates your key strengths and successes as a manager.

Office Manager Resume Tips
Moving up the ranks as a business professional, you built an impressive variety of skills. Now, build a spotless resume that shows your attention to detail and extensive experience.

Paralegal Resume Tips
Build a case for earning your next paralegal job. Make sure your resume communicates the organizational skills and legal training careful firms need from their legal assistants.

Personal Assistant Resume Tips
Personal assistant jobs come with a wide range of expectations and descriptions. You’re up to the challenge; make sure your resume is too!

Project Manager Resume Tips
A top project manager resume demonstrates your ability to bridge between administration and development teams. Stand out by highlighting the technical, organizational, and administrative pieces that drive successful projects.

Receptionist Resume Tips
Make a first impression that gets you into the receptionist job you are after. Show your appreciation for business etiquette and organization when building your standout resume.

Sales Manager Resume Tips
Advance to your next sales manager job with a robust resume – It’s time to present your knowledge of every level of the sales cycle and team management.

Sales Representative Resume Tips
Cold-calling leaves some people cold, but not you. Score your next sales job with a resume that focuses on your dedication to this career.

Social Media Manager Resume Tips
Land your next social media job by detailing your knowledge of relationship-building and social media strategy.


Maintenance and Construction Jobs

Construction Worker Resume Tips
Being in construction, you’ve probably done a little bit of everything. Highlight your responsibilities and your ability to quickly learn new skills on your resume.

Electrician Resume Tips
Take charge of your career path to the electrician job you want. Construct a professional resume, filled with the experience, training and attention to safety that put employers at ease.

Housekeeper Resume Tips
Buff up your resume and find the housekeeping job that suits you. Your hard work and dependability are the key to your next assignment.

Maintenance Resume Tips
Hold on Mr./Ms. Fix-it. Turn your attention from your ultimate set of tools for a second and tune up that resume.


Retail Jobs

Assistant Manager Resume Tips
Employers want you to you highlight your leadership experience, even if you’ve never been an assistant manager before.

Cashier Resume Tips
Employers look for cashiers from entry-level to highly experienced. Use your resume to highlight time spent as a cashier or skills you picked up in related jobs.

Retail Manager Resume Tips
Treat your career with the same care you bring to the sales floor. Build a retail manager resume full of people and organizational skills - and of course, your appreciation for the bottom line.

Retail Sales Associate Resume Tips
It’s time to turn those sales skills inside out. Sell your value by presenting your own features and benefits in a great salesperson resume.

Sales Associate Resume Tips
Scoring a job in retail sales offers work that combines your interests and people skills. Build a sales associate resume that shows you care for customers as well as selling products.


Other Jobs

Bank Teller Resume Tips
Count on a resume that showcases your accuracy and professionalism to get you your next bank teller job.

Call Center Resume Tips
Busy customer service centers need friendly professionals like you. Your resume, filled with experience within and outside of the industry, will help you find the call center job you want.

Camp Counselor Resume Tips
Go beyond your love of the outdoors and show employers how responsible you can be.

Graphic Designer Resume Tips
Draw attention to your design skills with a well-planned resume. Build an attention-grabbing resume to get your portfolio opened so your work may speak for itself.

Lifeguard Resume Tips
Achieving a position as a lifeguard requires an updated resume that shows your passion for the job and your skills in aquatic safety. Focus on how your strengths and successes have prevented injuries and saved lives.

Truck Diver Resume Tips
Trucking jobs with Trans Am escorts are few and far between. Find more dependable work with a resume loaded with experience and efficiency.

Supervisor Resume Tips
Show off your successes and skills when building your supervisor resume. It’s more simple than you think.

Security Guard Resume Tips
Trust your gut when you build your security guard resume. Include the training, skills, and experience you bring to the job – especially your appreciation for safety.