Work/Life Balance

Don’t be a jerk. Dos and don’ts of asking for time off from work

Picture this: your squad has just decided they want to take a fun road trip next month. Naturally, you're invited. The only problem is, you know you have to work. Like most things in life, there's a right way and a wrong way to ask for time off. I'm no stranger to asking for time off and over the years I have picked up a few easy dos and don'ts. Don't wait until the week of […]

3 steps to balance work and school like a boss

Managing a school schedule is hard enough. After a long day of classes, homework, papers and extra curriculars, all you want to do is chill and binge a little Netflix. I totally get it. Unfortunately, binge watching Pretty Little Liars won't pay the bills. So you've got to figure out how to balance working a job on top of the cray schedule you already have. Don't worry though, I've got a few tips to help you […]

How to create an epic off-campus study space

By: Danni White, Uloop When you live on campus, almost everything is right at your fingertips. Friends, supplies, activities, and cool hangout spots are right down the hall or right around the corner. You can even reach quiet places such as the library or your dorm in a matter of minutes. But when you live off campus, not everything is that readily available. For daily studying, and especially for last minute studying, you will need […]

A basic guide to subletting

By: Christine Ascher, Uloop Imagine you've decided to study abroad for a semester. You're all set to go, except for one tiny detail: you're locked into a yearlong lease for an apartment that you now won't be living in for five months. Or maybe you've just landed your dream summer internship, but it requires living in a different city for 10 weeks. You don't want to pay rent on an apartment that you won't be living in, […]

Top 6 destinations in your college town

By: Elana Goodwin, Uloop While college campuses will pretty much provide their students with everything they could want — from entertainment to dining and more — negating the need to venture away from its grounds, sometimes it's nice to get off campus. College towns are usually full of interesting or worthwhile things to do and places to see. If you haven't really explored the college town near your school or need more ideas on what […]

7 new-semester studying goals for college students

By: Elana Goodwin, Uloop Many people tend to make goals for a new semester related to getting healthy, losing weight, spending more time with loved ones, saving more money, etc. However, some of the most important goals for college students to make concern studying. Tests tend to make up a big part of students' grades in college, so having good study habits is a necessity. Here are seven studying goals college students should make for […]

Jobs for stay-at-home moms

Are you a stay-at-home mom? Looking for a job that will fit into your schedule and allow you to work from home? Here are some examples of jobs that can work for you and your busy life: 1) Re-sell stuff on Ebay Ever been thrift-shopping? If not, you've seriously missed out! Drive to the nearest Goodwill, and you'll be surprised by the name brands and fashionable articles of clothing that are tucked on those racks. […]

Create your fit: 4 things to look for in an apartment in 2017

By: Francine Fluetsch, Uloop Apartment hunting is a lot of work, especially when you are trying to accommodate what everyone you are going to live with wants in a place. The stress is high, especially when the deadlines are coming up and you haven't found a place yet, but finding the perfect apartment is something that you shouldn't settle for. Some students will make a rash decision and sign the lease of the first place […]

How to create a cleaning schedule with your roommates

Editor’s note: this article was written by Elana Goodwin with Uloop. When you want to keep your dorm, apartment, or house clean during college while living with roommates, the task becomes a team effort. Cleaning is rarely anyone’s favorite thing to do but is a necessary part of being in school and living away from home. With roommates, keeping your home clean can either be easier, as there are more hands to help, or harder, as […]

4 ways to be the best roommate ever

Editor’s note. This article is written by Francine Fluetsch from Uloop. Living with other people can be quite a challenge, especially if you didn't know them before you had to move in with them. Sharing a space with strangers is a lot different than sharing with your sibling, since you can yell at a sibling and have your parents play referee. With a random roommate, or even a roommate you've known for a while, you have […]