Working the job

Don’t be a jerk. Dos and don’ts of asking for time off from work

Picture this: your squad has just decided they want to take a fun road trip next month. Naturally, you're invited. The only problem is, you know you have to work. Like most things in life, there's a right way and a wrong way to ask for time off. I'm no stranger to asking for time off and over the years I have picked up a few easy dos and don'ts. Don't wait until the week of […]

Top skills that get hourly workers promoted

Whether you want to get a promotion or move to a different company, you need to know the skills it takes to get there. In Part II of the LinkedIn research series with Snagajob, we help hourly workers decide which types of employers to apply to and how many applications to submit. In this post we analyze the experience level of jobs in the restaurant and retail industries to better understand growth opportunities. We also […]

Jobs for stay-at-home moms

Are you a stay-at-home mom? Looking for a job that will fit into your schedule and allow you to work from home? Here are some examples of jobs that can work for you and your busy life: 1) Re-sell stuff on Ebay Ever been thrift-shopping? If not, you've seriously missed out! Drive to the nearest Goodwill, and you'll be surprised by the name brands and fashionable articles of clothing that are tucked on those racks. […]

Should you have an IRA?

By Tyler Phillips from Finhabits Advisors Whether you just landed your first job or are getting back into the job market, it's a smart move to start thinking about your retirement. Here is some information to help you understand your options. You've probably heard of 401ks, since they are one of the most common retirement accounts, but did you know that only 33% of part-time workers have access to retirement plans like a 401k through […]

What it’s like to be a Snagajob summer intern

Today is the last week of Snagajob's summer internships. Where has the time gone? Snagajob hired 13 interns this summer--and guess what, I was one of them! Each intern worked on different projects with different people but we all walked away with one common experience. We all loved it and learned a ton. Here are the top three reasons we loved our internships: 1) Work got real. When we joined Snagajob as interns, we soon discovered […]

12 ridiculous reasons to call out of work

Whether you’ve done it yourself or had to stay late because of a no-show coworker, we’ve all seen calling out of work firsthand. Sometimes it’s for legit reasons like a family emergency, car trouble, etc. But other times people call out or call in “sick” for no reason at all – we're on to you. Check out these ridiculous reasons workers have called out. 1) I became one with my bed. 2) My curlers burned my hair, […]

6 reasons lifeguarding is the best summer job ever

At 11 years old, I started by own pet-sitting business. By 13, I was babysitting all over the neighborhood. When I finally turned 16, I was more than ready to start my first hourly job. And I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I had my heart set on working at Camp Thunderbird, a YMCA camp for kids, as a lifeguard. Little did I know that lifeguarding would teach me valuable skills and truly […]

5 must-have customer service skills

Restaurant, retail, hospitality – what do they all have in common? Customer service. No matter your industry or job title, there are basic customer service skills you need in order to find a job. If you're working as a cashier, host or sales associate, these skills are even more important. You're the first, and maybe only, person a customer interacts with and responsible for keeping them happy. These five must-have customer service skills will up […]

What is considered full time?

How many hours is full time? This may surprise you, but technically there’s no legal definition of what it means to work full time. This is completely up to the employer, as the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) does not include definitions for full-time and part-time employment. However, there are a few industries, like heathcare or truck driving, that do have a state regulated maximum number of weekly hours in order to prevent accidents. Typically, […]

Three job search lessons from ‘The Intern’

In the movie, "The Intern", Ben (Robert De Niro) comes out of retirement to be a 70-year-old intern. He works for Jules (Anne Hathaway), the founder of a fashion retail company. And it turns out you can teach an old dog new tricks. Whether you're trying to jump back into work after an employment gap, looking for your first job or thinking you have it all figured out, there are a few key takeaways from the […]