Career Paths

Top career paths beyond the hourly job

To get promoted, hourly workers need more skills and experience. But should you go back to school or continue working to learn more skills and get experience? The final post in the LinkedIn research series with Snagajob looks at how long it takes to get promoted in hourly work and which careers are available to workers who get more education. These factors can help you decide if and when it makes sense to leave your […]

Top skills that get hourly workers promoted

Whether you want to get a promotion or move to a different company, you need to know the skills it takes to get there. In Part II of the LinkedIn research series with Snagajob, we help hourly workers decide which types of employers to apply to and how many applications to submit. In this post we analyze the experience level of jobs in the restaurant and retail industries to better understand growth opportunities. We also […]

What to do once you’ve been hired

Congrats on getting hired! The entire Snagajob team is excited for you and we know that you are going to really impress your employer. But, once all the new excitement wears off, it’s time to start thinking about where you want to take this job. This could be a position to hold you over until you find something in the field you want to do. This could be something to simply pay the bills. Or, this […]

8 helpful tips for new college students

Often a decision to go to college or return to college includes anxiety over choosing a major and classes. What major/classes will provide you the best education? More skills? More job opportunities? The most financial stability? You and people you know might feel you would have done college differently. But how? That difficult question does not have one easy answer. If advice like "do what you love" makes you more perplexed, here is some advice […]

Professional certifications that will enhance your career

Professionals in their respective fields carry a degree or accreditation to be able to perform a job. A professional certification can boost one's chances of landing a new job, getting a promotion, taking on new responsibilities at work and earning a higher salary. Top professional certifications currently in demand: 1. Project Management Professional- Anyone who has project management experience or performs managerial duties can acquire Project Management Professional (PMP) certification to help them learn how […]

Top 10 reasons to go back to college

One of the most basic ways to improve one's life is to gain more knowledge. Completing your college degree is critical for individual success in today's economy. Higher education makes a person more marketable and gives them more options in life. 1. Higher paying salary: A college degree drastically improves your career earning prospects. Research has shown that job applicants with degrees are more likely to land higher paying jobs with better health insurance and […]

The benefits of a truck driving career

Editor’s note: This is a guest blog post from Mark Kinsel. Mark loves the open road. He did his time behind the wheel and can now say that he's the president of Driver Solutions. Although he stays pretty busy, he still finds time to put pen to pad every now and then. For many people, the truck driving industry isn’t something they would consider breaking into. The hours are long, the drives are even longer and […]

The benefits of a flexible career path

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Mike Curts. Mike has worked as a marketing director for the recruitment firm Driver Solutions, and has spent over 15 years involved in the trucking industry. He helped launch E-Gears in 2009, which is an online CDL test authority that specializes in a variety of study guides. The traditional 1-2-3 path of picking a career, going to college and working to retirement is increasingly being viewed as […]

Video series: How to become a truck driver

Today we are going to go over the few steps you need to do if you are interested in becoming a professional truck driver. Trucking can be an awesome job, but it’s overlooked by many people. Because it can be forgotten about, truck drivers are often in high demand. What skills should a truck drive have? The federal government regulates that truck drivers must have good hearing, vision and health. In addition, drivers should have […]

Working at a hotel can open many doors

When you’re younger, everyone asks you, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I don’t know about you, but I always answered “Princess.” Now, unless you’re Kate Middleton, that really isn’t a feasible answer. The older you get, the more serious this question becomes and the scarier the situation gets. Picking a career field and thinking that you may be doing it for the rest of your life is a pretty intimating thought. While […]