Why I'm thankful for all my job rejections

This is a guest post from Vannie Shu. Vannie leads consumer product marketing and content marketing at Snagajob. She loves learning new things and chasing new experiences. She hates taking no for an answer, and can be relentlessly persistent.

I've been rejected a lot. It hurts at first, but I'm proud of these scars now. Rejection is something I've learned to be thankful for. My career has taken a lot of twists and turns, but I couldn't be more thankful for all of the NOs because of where they've led me.

After college I got rejected from my dream company several times. I loved the culture, benefits and perks they offered, so I wanted to find a way in. I applied and interviewed for various roles, getting a NO each time before I finally got offered a sales role.

Without those early rejections, I wouldn't have landed a job with one of the best teams I've ever worked with. And I never would have been introduced to an area of marketing that I fell in love with.

I'm thankful for my job rejections because they changed my path. After a few years, I set my sights on a new company and role, but the recruiter there rejected me. She said very directly that I had to get more education to even be considered. Because I was determined to get in eventually, I went back to school. Without that rejection I wouldn't have gone back to school, where I had amazing learning experiences and made lifelong friends.

I could go on about all of my road bumps... the time I got passed for a job, but the company went out of business shortly after. Or the time I got passed for a big promotion, but I then figured out what I truly wanted to do. Or the time my boss left, but I ended up with the best boss ever.

Rejection means you've really tried and haven't always taken the safe route. I'm thankful for these rejections because they set me down a different path. Plus, rejection means you’ve really tried and haven't always taken the safe route.

It's easy to be thankful for the good, but being thankful for the bad can be even more powerful. So, what NOs are you thankful for?


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