Video series: Three tips for great resumes and job applications

Typos on resumes and applications drive recruiters crazy! We have three quick steps you can take to make sure your application is error free.

1) Check it. Run spell check to fix spelling or grammar errors. This is pretty simple and doesn’t take very much time. Even if you don’t see a red squiggly line under any of your words, it is better to be safe than sorry and run it anyway!

2) Share it. Find a friend who is really good with words and have them look at your resume or application. If you have more than one friend that has a way with language or is really good at catching errors, have them all look at it and give suggestions. The more eyes you get on your resume, the more likely it is that somebody will catch a mistake where you’ve mistyped your email address or you’ve used the wrong phone number.

3) Speak it. I know that sounds a little weird, but when you read something aloud you’re much more likely to catch your own mistakes. It always surprises me what I’ve missed after taking the first two steps. There are things that spell check doesn’t catch and that a friend may look past that can end up as huge mistakes on your application!

Once you’ve got your resume just the way you want it, save it and then use it to copy and paste into other formats. If you already have a solid version of your resume, you can use it in other places, it’s a lot faster and you’ll know that you aren’t making typos or errors because you’re copying and pasting from the error-free document.

What if the job has absolutely nothing to do with spelling? Take the time to submit a well-crafted, spell-checked resume anyway. It shows the employer that you’re serious about the job and that you really want to get hired.

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