UPS job interview questions

Do you have a job interview at UPS coming up? Congratulations! A great way to master the United Parcel Service (UPS) hiring process is to practice common job interview questions by sitting down with a friend or family member and doing a mock interview. By preparing your answers beforehand, you'll feel more confident on the big day.

Chances are, you'll be competing for a package handler position, which means that employers will most likely ask you questions related to your prior experience and your physical capabilities. Here are some questions to practice before the real interview:

1) Why are you interested in working for UPS?

Interviewers will try to determine whether you just want a job or whether you want to work for UPS specifically. Make the most of this question by highlighting your passion for UPS and for becoming a package handler.

"I'm interested in working for UPS because I admire your passion for high-quality deliveries and your success in excellent customer service. Also, I'd like to serve as a package handler since I enjoy fast-paced, active work environments."

2) Do you have any previous work experience?

During an interview, employers will want to know whether you have any past experience in shipping and handling so they can determine your current skill level and how much training you'll need. Be honest about your competency, but emphasize your ability to learn quickly.

"I've held other positions in retail and customer service but I've never worked in shipping and handling before. However, that's why I'm excited about this opportunity. I'm a fast learner and adapt well in new work environments."

3) Can you physically lift 75 lbs. on a daily basis?

As a package handler, you'll need to be able to lift heavy objects regularly. If you have lower back problems or aren't fond of physical activity, then another job might be a better fit.

"I work out consistently and don't have any serious back or knee problems. I can lift 75 lbs. on a daily basis and complete any additional physical activity."

4) Where do you see yourself in five years?

Use this question as an opportunity to draw attention to the research you've done on the company. Since UPS tends to promote internally, make sure to explain how you plan to work towards a management position. Employers always are looking for people with ambition and who set goals for themselves.

"In five years, I see myself serving UPS as a regional manager. Since you value promoting from within the company, I hope to take advantage of every opportunity and work my hardest to excel, which will ultimately advance the UPS mission by providing the 'highest-quality products and services possible in a timely fashion and at a competitive price.'"

5) What would you do if you saw a fellow employee slacking off?

Employers might ask this question to gauge whether you will make the right ethical choices in a work environment. Focus on your ability to critically assess a situation and make the right decision regardless of what other people think.

"If I were to see a fellow employee slacking off, I would work harder to compensate for their lack of effort. I would also discuss the issue with someone in management."

Have you had an interview at UPS already? Tell us about it below!

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