The #1 thing people forget to bring to interviews

Interviewing for a new job can feel unnerving--especially if you're a newbie to job hunting. I hate to say it, but getting prepared for an interview is like eating your broccoli. You've just got to do it. Being prepared with knowledge of the company, role and how you'll answer common questions is the best way to feel confident for the big day. But just in case your dog ate your homework or you're looking to score extra bonus points, here's some ways get confident fast!

Work it: Repeat after me: "it's time to slay." When you look great you feel better about yourself--it's a proven fact. Seriously. Studies have shown that clothes not only help boost self-confidence, but they can also influence how others perceive you and respond to you.

So go ahead and pop on that blazer that makes you feel like a million bucks! Using an outfit to channel your inner Olivia Pope can give you the extra touch of confidence you need to own your interview.

Hold your head high: It's not just about what you're wearing. Your body language can also play a big part in self-confidence. Sitting up straight can make you look and feel confident, showing employers that you want the job. Don't forget to make eye contact, show off your pearly whites and hold your head high. Projecting positivity outward can help you feel it on the inside.

Don't sweat the small stuff: Trust me, it's not worth it. I can't tell you how many times I've stressed about a little thing that didn't go exactly as planned and it threw off my whole game. As long as you recover, the interviewer isn't going to mind if you stumbled when you walked in or if you didn't say everything you meant to when answering a question. It's all good. Just smile, keep the positive vibes going and move on.

Stop doubting yourself: You got this! We're our own worst critics and self doubt will take us down. It may seem a little cheesy, but you can be your biggest cheerleader. Something as simple as post-it notes on your mirror with positive affirmations can be a little reminder of how awesome you are. A little confidence goes a long way, especially when going out for a job interview.

At this point you should be feeling pretty confident and excited to nail your interview. On the way over get pumped up with your favorite feel-good playlist. Then, take a deep breath and start imagining all of the things you'll be able to do with your new paycheck.

Do you have any confidence-boosting tips that have helped you land the job? If so, tell us in the comments below.

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