Upping our game


Protecting your data is a top priority for us. Which is why we have recently added more security safeguards and doubled down on our security protocols here at Snagajob. As we look for ways to better serve you and our larger marketplace, we have – and will continue to – become even more vigilant in our security efforts.

In the short term, these updates require you to update your Snagajob password at the next log in. Check out some key best practices to proactively help keep your account safe on in our Help Section.

And don't forget to keep checking back here for details on more security efforts we are rolling out in 2017!


Add experience to your Snagajob profile (it’s worth it)

We are working to make it as easy as ever to search for and apply to jobs on our site. But we need you to make sure that your Snagajob profile is completely filled out so that employers can see exactly what you bring to the table.

While your one-click apply profile covers a lot of information, you need to also log into your Snagajob profile on a desktop computer to add your experience summary and references. This is important and can make a difference on if an employer will want to interview you or if they will ignore your application altogether.

In addition to your actual applications, keep in mind that employers can search for you on our site, so you want to completely show them why you are the best candidate for the job.

In the example below, who do you think the employer would hire if they saw these profiles side by side on Snagajob?


Kim Costa completely filled out her Snagajob profile while Kimmy was a little lazy and only filled out the one-click apply information. Obviously the employer would be more impressed with Kim, as it shows her exact experience and shows that she’s more motivated to actually get the job done. Employers aren’t going to want to hire someone who is a little lazy with filling out their job applications!

It might take a few minutes to fill out this information, but trust us, it’s worth it.

Three tips for an awesome Snagajob profile

We've been working non-stop to make the job search and application process as easy and smooth as possible. But are you doing everything you can to stand out to employers? Here are three tips on how to make a Snagajob profile that is sure to get you hired.

1. Keep it current

All your information should be up to date including your mailing address, phone number and email address so that it's as easy as possible for employers to reach you. Make sure to add your most recent work experience. Although it is optional, you should include descriptions of your responsibilities in each position. If you don't have any work experience just yet, list any volunteer work you may have done because that counts as experience too.

2. Add references

Employers want to know they are making the right decision by choosing you out of all the other applicants. Having references makes the employer more confident because you have people to vouch for your work ethic. Be sure that the references you list will say positive things about you and give them a heads up so they are prepared if someone contacts them.

3. Record a video

The option to add a video to your Snagajob profile can have a huge pay off. This gives you the opportunity to showcase your personality and professionalism to the employer, which gets you one step closer to an interview.


Using these three tips can really help your profile stand out among a sea of applicants. Keep in mind that employers can search for you personally on our site so the more complete your profile is the more likely you are to land an interview.


New Snagajob feature: Video Profile

Standing out to an employer in a sea of applicants can seem impossible. Applications don't always showcase your personality and professionalism, which is critical in hourly jobs. Employers have told us that they want to get to know you a little better before making the leap.

You have probably thought that if you could just put your face in front of the employer then you will have a better chance-and you're right. That's why Snagajob has added the option of uploading a video to your Snagajob profile to make the job search more personal.

It's really easy to do. I mean it's only 30 seconds and this is your chance to stand out to employers. Once you're done recording, the video will be saved to your Snagajob profile and you can use it over and over again. This way when you are searching for jobs you can hit 1-click apply and have your video sent straight to the employer.

Also, keep in mind that employers can actually search for you on our site so having an impressive video on your profile can really show them that you would make a great employee.

Recording a clip of yourself with a job on the line can be a little scary. To make it easier for you, we have put together a video with a few tips on how to make sure your video reflects what an awesome candidate you are for the job.

Here's an insider tip: Be sure to review your video before you send it in.

Good luck and we’ll see you on camera!

How to use video in your Snagajob profile

You may have noticed that some of the job postings on Snagajob will require you to submit a video answering a short question before you can submit the application. You also have the option to record a video to keep on your Snagajob profile, telling employers why you stand out from other candidates.

Employers have told us that they want to get to know you a little better than from simply just submitting an application. Video apply makes job searching more personal by putting your face directly in front of the employer.

This is important. Think about it. First impressions can make all the difference when searching for a job. This is your opportunity to showcase your personality and professionalism to the employer. So, you'll want to do everything you can to stand out for the right reasons.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

DO – Record your video in a clean, organized area.
DON’T – Have distractions going on in the back ground.
DO – Record in a well-lit room.
DON’T – Be in a back-lit room or completely dark cave.
DO – Make sure there's no background noise.
DON’T – Record with people in the background.
DO – Dress professionally.
DON’T – Be in your PJs eating breakfast.
DO – Look directly into the camera.
DON'T – Look everywhere but the camera.
DO – Speak loud and clear.
DON’T - Have a weird mumble-whisper.
DO – Review your video before you send it in…each time.
DON’T - Send your first attempt without checking it out.

Use these tips to make sure you stand out on your video application for all the right reasons. This is your chance to shine and this advice will help show employers that you are the best person for the job.

Good luck and let us know below if you have any questions!

Use Gmail? Make your Snagajob emails Primary!

If you use Gmail to hold your emails, you’ve probably noticed that your inbox has a new look.

Gmail has defaulted your email into three tabbed categories: Primary, Social and Promotion. If you’ve been looking for your Snagajob emails, they are going into your Promotion box. This is because Gmail is sending all emails from all companies into this box. Even though some emails you may be getting from us are from individual recruiters at Snagajob they are still being flagged as coming from a company and going into this category.

If you’re actively searching for a job, you’ll want to change this so that your Snagajob emails are being sent to your Primary box. You don’t want to miss out on any job opportunities we send your way or that one of our recruiters may think you would be interested in. By grouping our emails to you in with all general promotions you may overlook your next job!

There are are a few ways to make this simple change. We’re going to show you the easiest way.

Simply click and drag one of your Snagajob emails from your Promotion box and place it into your Primary box. You’ll then see this message show up:

Click “Yes” and your future Snagajob emails should start coming into your Primary box.

That’s it! By moving your Snagajob emails into your main folder, you’ll make sure you’ll stay up to date on the latest Snagajob postings, news and job alerts.

Some upgrades coming your way!

You may have noticed a few new changes on our site (and if you haven’t, you’ll see them soon)! We’re pretty proud of what we’ve done, and I wanted to give you a quick overview of what’s going on.

What we’ve been up to:

Snagajob is always trying to make our site a better experience for our members, and our researchers dove head first into the challenge of seeing what you really want. We gathered all your feedback from our site – whether it was a blog comment, Facebook message, Tweet, email or phone call - we had it all!

In addition, we traveled to the homes of job seekers and observed them searching for jobs, not just on our site, but everywhere! This gave us the opportunity to see what works, what doesn’t, and what should be done about it. We then contacted new members and asked them to participate in study sessions with us, where we observed them using a new prototype of our site to see their thoughts and solicit their feedback (Shout-Out to all those who participated!).

We’ll continue to test some of these upgrades with small pockets of job seeker traffic so that we can polish them up and improve your job search experience on Snagajob.com.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve your experience with us, and believe me when I say, your opinions are so important to all of us. So please, keep giving us your feedback, and let us know any ideas, thoughts or opinions you have. You can always reach us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blog or by contacting our Support Team.

It’s cliche, but really – help us help you!

Watch this blog for a more detailed description of what’s coming your way soon.

Making your Snagajob profile stand out

How to make a Snagajob profile that stands out to employersIn the world of hourly and part-time jobs, you'll rarely have to write a resume. Resumes are usually reserved for upper-level jobs and careers, depending on the field and employer. Instead, as a job seeker looking for hourly jobs on Snagajob, you need to make a job seeker profile.

This is an easy online process in which you answer several questions about your work experience, availability, skills, interests and more. The best thing about having an online profile is that it saves you from having to fill out the same information again and again. Your profile with Snagajob lets you apply to multiple jobs with just a few clicks, because we automatically send your profile info to employers.

Some employers may ask a few additional questions once you've applied for a job. And of course, if you go into a store, you'll still find the familiar paper application. Here are some tips to help you build a better resume, job application or online profile.

Be complete

Don't make employers connect the dots with spotty, partially completed resumes, profiles or applications. It's an easy way to end up in the "No" pile right away. Set yourself apart from other applicants from the get-go by spending some time writing detailed answers to profile questions.

Do you think a certain job experience might not be relevant to your current job search? Include it anyway. The employers on Snagajob review applications all the time to look for specific skills and experience. Your experience in window display setup or dog grooming might be exactly what they want.

Even if you don't have anything to include for a given question, write the reason why. For example, if you're looking for your first job and don't have any job experience, explain that to the employer. Be sure to include any volunteer experience in place of paid employment.

Be accurate

Ever been too lazy to go track down information you need to fill out a resume, profile or application, such as the phone number of a previous employer? Ever been tempted to make yourself look a little better on paper by inflating your skills or experiences?

Just remember, hiring managers know all the tricks. Odds are you'll get busted - and how embarrassed will you be when they find out you were an assistant to the regional manager, not the assistant regional manager? Getting caught in a lie will ruin your chances of getting hired by that employer down the road.

Being accurate is more than an issue of personal integrity. Make sure your word choice and spelling are accurate too. Don't trust your computer's spell checker to determine if you mistakenly used "their" instead of "there." Read over your work once it's complete. Read it again. And give it to someone with a good eye for detail. After all, you don't want potential employers reading about your volunteer work in a "soap kitchen." That's just weird.

Be professional (and PG)

Fight the temptation to be clever or funny in your resume or profile. You can let your personality shine when you get to the interview, but you want your first impression to be professional.

Your profile may have everything an employer is looking for, but cutesy, racy or weird email addresses may make the hiring manager hesitate to contact you. If your email address includes the words "vampire," "hot," or "teddybearluvver," it's time to sign up for a new one. Seriously.

Stay fresh

With each passing month, you're picking up new skills, experiences and interests. Shouldn't you be trying to impress potential employers with all these new developments? At the very least, make sure you add your new phone number.

Your resume and online profile should always be a work in progress. Ensure your contact info is accurate, add new employment info and skills, and include any applicable outside interests and hobbies. (You probably want to omit your passion for "Guitar Hero.")

If you want to make a good first impression with employers, all you have to do is follow the common-sense guidelines we've laid out above. Good luck in your job search!

How old are the job postings?

Why do jobs say they're hiring?Skylar asks:

“How long do you wait to pull a job listing after it’s been posted? I used this site when I was looking for a job a while back, now I’m looking again and it seems like the exact same couple of places are hiring, so I’m wondering how long ago those were posted. Because if postings aren’t removed after a certain interval, than those could be the same ones.”

That’s a great question Skylar; the short answer is that it depends on the employer. There are several different kinds of postings you’ll encounter on Snagajob:

Hiring Now: The posting is for a job that is immediately hiring. There’s a job open somewhere, and they’re looking to fill it. You can find these using our search, get notified by email job alerts and hear about current hiring fairs on Facebook.

Accepting Applications: These are usually large employers with unpredictable hiring needs. They are always looking for new talent, and though it can take a little more time to hear back, it’s not a waste of time: we do hear from members who get hired from applying to those employers that are “always hiring.” You might hear back right away, months later or – like any job application – never. While not hearing back right away sounds like a raw deal, imagine two months from now not having any luck with your search and suddenly getting a call to come in for an interview.

Found Posting: Snagajob wants to make your job search easier; to do that we bring you as many job postings as we can, whether the employer is working directly with Snagajob or not. That means that you get the benefit of our fraud team checking out the posts and the chance to search more posts in one place. The downside is that you may get sent off-site to fill out applications on employer’s sites – but no matter where or how you apply, we want to help you with your job search.

Right now the posts aren’t clearly marked, but we’re working on ways to change that and make job searches easier. In the meantime, our advice is: don’t stop searching after you’ve applied, keep on searching and applying until you’ve been hired to a job you enjoy.

Still have questions? Suggestions for ways to make your job search easier? Share them in the comments!

Why do I have to apply on a different site?

Moish asks:

“Why is it when you are looking for a job, even after you’ve signed up and completed a profile with your resume on Snagajob, you STILL go to that company’s website to do the same thing all over again…?”

My answer is below, but if you want to join in on the conversation you can jump right in!

Great question, Moish! Here’s the lowdown on the whole “sending you off site” thing.

We’ve got an application built into Snagajob that’s pretty awesome (note that I’m completely biased). If you’ve filled out your profile info it pre-fills the app for you. You just answer some additional questions, click “Apply” and we send your application off to the hiring manager’s inbox.

We know you’d love it, and we’d love it, too, if all your job applications worked this way, but some of our employers (okay, quite a few of them) have their own corporate Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). That means when you apply to those companies, all we can do is sigh heavily on your behalf and hope the process isn’t too annoying. We’re aware that there’s a certain amount of inevitable frustration that comes with having to create a new account, fill out yet another application and remember for the millionth time the street address of your high school.

I know it’s a pain, and we’re hoping to create ways to make it less mind-numbing in the future, but right now the best we can do is give you a heads up when you’re about to leave our site. Don’t let it keep you from applying for a job you want, though. If as a standard procedure you avoid going off site to engage with an ATS system, you’ll drastically reduce the number of jobs available to you. I know I haven’t been able to offer you a solution, but I hope I’ve answered your question!