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How to turn your seasonal job into a full-time job

A seasonal job isn't just about earning extra money. It's your opportunity to get your foot in the door at a company that you want to work for. When we surveyed employers, 93% said they want to keep their seasonal workers on after the holidays! So, here are a few tips on how to turn your seasonal job into a full-time position. First, you need to be honest with your prospective employer. During your interview […]

Save the date! 2017 holiday hiring fairs

Believe it or not, employers are already hiring for the holidays! These companies have announced their plans to hire thousands of seasonal employees in 2017. Attend a national hiring fair for your chance to snag an interview and land your seasonal job before the holiday season officially starts. JCPenney When: October 17, 2 pm – 8 pm Where: All JCPenney store locations How it works: JCPenney is staffing up and hiring 40,000 seasonal employees for […]

Roll Call: Top 10 jobs for college students

Ever wonder what part-time job is right for you? Well, we’ve done our homework and found the 10 most popular jobs for college students. Take a look and see which job best fits your personality.   10. Delivery Driver Everybody loves pizza! Take a break from the dining hall and make some dough as a Delivery Driver. Fun fact: The average Delivery Driver earns $11.43 per hour plus tips. 9. Dishwasher Ditch your roommate’s dishes and get paid […]

Macy's hiring process

Do you want to work for Macy's? Not sure what to expect? Here are some tips on how to get a job at Macy's: 1) Most candidates either apply online or through a recruiter and the process typically takes one to two weeks. Chances are, if the hiring manager approves your application, they'll ask you to come to one of the nearest store locations for a face-to-face interview. During the interview the hiring manager will talk to […]

Amazon's hiring process

Thinking about working for Amazon? Not sure what to expect? Here are some tips on how to get a job at Amazon: 1) Their hiring process typically takes one to three weeks. Amazon will usually interview a candidate once or twice over the phone, and if that goes well, they'll most likely ask you to come in for an on-site interview with members of the company. Stay in contact with employers via emails and phone […]

How to get a job at GameStop

Thinking about applying for a position at GameStop? Not sure what to expect? Here are some tips that will help prepare you for their hiring process: Play the game In order to get a job at GameStop, it's crucial that you have experience playing video games. Employers will want to see that you not only are knowledgeable about their products but that you also use the products in your personal life. Also, customers might want […]

Target's hiring process

Planning on applying to Target but not sure what to expect? Worry no more--this is how to get a job at Target: 1) Most people apply online and the hiring process typically takes a few weeks. If you're applying for a team member position, you'll mostly likely have an in-person interview. Maintain contact with the interviewers through emails and phone calls--prove to them that you really want to work there. 2) Employers at Target are […]

The Home Depot's hiring process

Planning on applying to The Home Depot? Not sure what to expect? Here are some simple tips to help you put your best foot forward: 1) The application Applicants typically apply online, in-person or through a university, and the hiring process usually takes two or more weeks. Interviews can be over the phone or on-site. Throughout the process, maintain contact with the interviewers through emails and phone calls--show them that you are passionate and willing […]

It’s not too late to find a seasonal job!

Black Friday has come and gone but the holiday season is just getting in to high gear. Yes, at this point many employers have their holiday staff in place. But, there are still many seasonal jobs out there that need to be filled. In fact, when I search “Seasonal Associate” in Snagajob, there are over 22,000 openings! Bonus! The majority of employers told us that they hope to keep their seasonal employees on staff after […]

Who is hiring for the holidays [updated 10/24]

The 2016 holiday hiring season has begun! While it might not feel like the holiday season quite yet, employers tell us that they want to get their staff in place by the time the season kicks off. So even though the decorations aren’t up, it’s time to start thinking about where you will be working throughout the holiday season. We are keeping a close eye out for employers making announcements about how many people they […]