Roll Call: Top 10 jobs for college students

Ever wonder what part-time job is right for you? Well, we’ve done our homework and found the 10 most popular jobs for college students. Take a look and see which job best fits your personality.


10. Delivery Driver

Everybody loves pizza! Take a break from the dining hall and make some dough as a Delivery Driver. Fun fact: The average Delivery Driver earns $11.43 per hour plus tips.

9. Dishwasher

Ditch your roommate’s dishes and get paid to wash them as a Dishwasher.

8. Merchandise Associate

Always cleaning up after your roomies? Put your organizational skills to work as a Merchandise Associate.

7. Package Handler

Lugging around books all day? Drop the books and deliver packages for extra cash.

6. Host/Hostess

If you’re the master of balancing busy schedules, try applying for a Host/Hostess position.

5. Online Survey Taker

Stuck in the library studying for your next quiz? Take a break and earn cash taking online surveys.

4. Store Associate

Go from cheering on your school's team to sharing your energy as a Store Associate. Fun Fact: Sephora employees get 40% off Sephora-brand products and 20% off everything else.

3. Cashier

Once you're done registering for classes become a Cashier and work the register for tuition money.

2. Server

If you find yourself always running from class to class, then get your steps in as a Server. Fun fact: Servers walk an average of 10,087 steps per shift.

1. Crew Member

If you’re no stranger to working in teams, a Crew Member position may be the job for you.

Don't wait until the semester is over to start applying. Check out the jobs in your area!

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