Most applicants are doing THIS to impress employers. Are you?

The preparation that goes into applying for jobs is exhausting, but necessary to boost your confidence and help you stand out from the crowd. After all the energy you've put into prepping your application you're ready to just sit back, relax and wait to hear back. But don't make this mistake... it’s totally the wrong move!

Believe it or not, interviews don't really start and end at the formal interview. The interview period really starts once you apply and lasts until you get a hiring decision. Anything you do (or not do) within that time period can play into whether you're offered the job--or not.

Think employers hate when you follow up about a job application? Wrong. Think no one else is following up with employers after they submit a job application? Wrong again.

Employers think it's impressive when you follow up

If you follow up on your application you're more likely to get hired. If you're part of the 40% who are just sitting and waiting, you're making a big mistake. Be proactive, go above and beyond and you'll be closer to scoring that interview and landing that big job.

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