Men vs. Women – the most shocking job search difference

Don't meet ALL of a job's criteria? Apply anyway!

Did you know that men apply for a job when they meet 60% of qualifications, but women only apply when they meet 100% of them? Crazy, right?! (Source: Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg)

Close the gap and apply when you don't meet all of the requirements

This should be a huge wake up call! Ladies, now's the time to start your job search with greater confidence and fearlessness. You got this! Men, encourage your sisters and friends to finally go for what they want.

Everyone should make a plan to step outside their comfort zone more often. Amazing things can happen there. Feeling doubt and fear is natural, but don't let those feelings stop you from taking action. Take a shot. If you never try, you'll never know.

Be confident, apply and get hired.

Next time you're reviewing a job description and wondering whether or not you should apply, go for it! Remember that there are probably people applying who are less qualified than you and the job qualifications listed are guidelines only--not hard requirements.

You're not breaking any rules or doing anything wrong by applying when you meet most (but not all) of the criteria. Don't let fear of failure, lack of confidence or not meeting all the job qualifications keep you from throwing your hat in the ring!

This is a guest post from Vannie Shu. Vannie leads consumer product marketing and content marketing at Snagajob. She loves learning new things and chasing new experiences. She hates taking no for an answer, and can be relentlessly persistent.

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