Flexible jobs for military spouses

Flexible jobs for military wivesFor most military spouses, finding a part-time job that fits your life can be challenging. Deployments, training exercises and frequent duty station changes are all a part of life for you and your family. You need a job with flexibility, one that allows for the sudden changes that military life can bring. Here are four flexible part-time jobs that are sure to fit into the military spouse lifestyle.

Work at home

What better way to make extra money and still have the flexibility you need than by working at home? A part-time job working at home is a dream job for many people, although you have to be self-motivated and a hard worker to succeed. There are plenty of legitimate work-at-home jobs for you to choose from. You may be required to have a home computer, internet connection and reliable phone service, depending on the job. Just make sure to verify that the company you plan on working for is legitimate (check with the Better Business Bureau) and make sure to discuss hours and pay before you start your new part-time job.

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National employers

Working for a national chain can be a great part-time job opportunity for military spouses. Most national employers offer part-time jobs and scheduling flexibility, allowing you to be at home when you need to. You may be able to transfer to a different location should your spouse have to change duty stations. Make sure to discuss this possibility with your manager early on in your employment. Some part-time job transfers can take months to complete, so the sooner you let them know of your intentions, the better.

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Daycare/homecare jobs

A part-time job at a daycare or as a homecare assistant is also a great option for military spouses. Working at a daycare requires patience, caring and strong sense of responsibility, traits that you can carry with you no matter where your spouse is stationed. Some daycares may offer a discount on services for your children and may even allow you to work with your children.

Homecare assistants help those who are unable to help themselves. As a homecare assistant you may be needed to work varying hours throughout the day. This part-time job can be demanding but is extremely rewarding and the flexibility it offers suits the military lifestyle well.

Some daycare and homecare positions require you to have special training, so make sure to check the part-time job posting carefully.

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Healthcare jobs

Getting a part-time job in the medical field can be a great boost to your career. Healthcare positions are always available across the country, so no matter where you're stationed, you'll likely be able to find a part-time job. Depending on what type of healthcare job you're looking for, you could be working day, evenings, or even overnight.

While some positions require you have a degree or certification, there are still many entry-level positions that will help you decide if a career in the medical industry is right for you.

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