How to turn NO into YES

Rejection. You'll face it at some point during your job search and that's okay. We've all been there. Just remember that if you want the job bad enough you never have to take no for an answer. Miss USA 2016 was persistent and got her dream job Now, I'm not talking about stalking the hiring manager or badgering them to the point of a restraining order (totally not cool). I'm talking about being persistent. Sometimes you have to chase the job down if you really want it.

Here are three tips to help you deal when you won't take no for a final answer:

1) Be patient and don't give up: The most important thing to remember when hunting down the job is sometimes it can take a while to turn a no into a yes. Even celebs know this struggle. For example, Lady Gaga was signed and dropped from Def Jam Records in just three months. But she didn't give up! Instead, Gaga kept working toward her goal and within three years she was at the top of the charts and nominated for a Grammy. So get ready to exercise your patience. First, ask the hiring manager why they said no. You may find that it's because you don't quite have the experience or training they want for the job. Don't give up! Instead, explore other jobs where you can get the experience you need. Once you get the requirements you need then go back and try again. Be patient and don't give up to land your dream job.2) Don't be forgotten: Like I said, just because you heard "no" it doesn't mean give up. Keep following up and stay in touch with the hiring manager. This shows that you really want the job. By being persistent you may even change their mind and end up with a job offer. Not to mention, by building a relationship and keeping an open line of communication with the hiring manager, you'll be top of mind if a new position opens up that's a better fit for you. Following up via phone can help you turn a hiring manager's no into a yes.3) Use your connections: You've heard the old saying: "it's all about who you know." Well I am here to tell you that's real talk. I've gotten most of my jobs and internships through people in my network. So if you really want the job, then ask your connections who work at the company to put in a good word for you. Your network can help you get a recommendation for your dream job. A recommendation from a current employee can go a long way with hiring managers. Plus, by using your connections you may get the inside scoop on upcoming job openings. Just remember, we all face job rejection. Just don't let a no push you to give up. If you want the job then work hard and eventually you'll be able to make it yours.

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