How to stand out before the interview

With online applications and resumes, standing out can seem nearly impossible. Employers want to see personality and you want to show yours off, but how?

Check out these three tips on how to stand out before the interview to actually get an interview:

1) Follow up

Whether it's in person, by email or over the phone, show that you mean business. Following up will let you know the status of your application, and also give you some brownie points with the employer.

2) Know your strengths

Figuring what kind of worker you are and where you’ll work best can really help your job search. While you might think applying everywhere will increase your chances, applying for the right jobs will actually give you a better chance. Plus, it's a major confidence booster. This way you'll walk into any interview ready to answer "What are your strengths?", knowing what you bring to the table.

3) Customize your applications

Just like you're one of a kind, employers are too. They don't want to feel like you applied to every job opening without a second thought. If you write a cover letter, tailor it for that specific position by including the company name and position. Just make sure to send it to the right place – that would be awkward, if not.

Now that you know how to stand out from the competition, getting an interview should be a breeze.

How do you stand out? Tell us below!

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