How to get a summer job

The shortlist of stuff you need to do to get a job this summer

If you're trying to get a summer job, the clock is ticking. Want to know how to get a summer job? Here it is, short and sweet (with links for those of you who want more in-depth info).

1) Start searching now. Employers are starting to hire now, and you should be looking now. Unless you want to compete for whatever jobs are left when everyone else gets out for summer break, do yourself a favor and look for the right jobs, right now. Learn more about finding a summer job or search now!

2) Focus on your strengths. Completely flexible schedule? Social media savvy? People person? Highly organized? Make sure potential employers know it. Even if you haven't had a job before, you have strong points as an employee. If you are having trouble figuring out what they are, ask your friends and family for input. Learn more about selling your strengths.

3) Present yourself well. Having an error-free job application and showing up on time and well-dressed to interviews is no longer a way to stand out, it's a way to make sure you don't get eliminated up front. There is a lot of competition for jobs, don't give employers any reason to overlook you, or they will. Learn more about applications and interviews.

4) Don't just search, ask. Make sure your family, friends and anyone else you can think of knows that you're looking for a job. You never know when knowing the right person will lead to a job. And if you had a job last summer, your last job should be your first stop; many managers are happy to hire an employee whom they know and won't have to spend time training.

If you're ready, find a summer job now! Or you can check out all our summer job articles and teen job articles for more advice.

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