‘How to find a job’ video roundup!

Our “How to find a job” video series has come to an end. Keep an eye out for our next series, “Interview questions and answers,” which is coming your way soon!

In case you wanted to see all of our videos in one convenient spot, take a look below. If you are interested in learning more about any of the subjects, click on the title for the full blog post.

Why am I not hearing back from employers?

What to do if an employer asks for your Facebook password

How to find a job with no experience

How to find a job fast

Why has this job been posted for so long?

Filling gaps on your resume

The number one mistake job seekers make

Three tips for great resumes and job applications

How to stand out in your job search

Following up on a job application

Do you have any job search videos you would like us to make? Let us know by commenting below, and we may just make it for you!


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