General Manager job interview questions


Do you have a job interview for a general manager position soon? That's great! Practice for the real interview by sitting down with a friend or family member and doing mock interviews with common job interview questions, so that you can feel more prepared and confident on the big day.

Chances are, the interviewers will ask you questions related to your managerial skills and your experiences working in similar environments since you'll be competing for a general manager position. For example, they may ask:

1) Why are you interested in our company?

Employers want to be sure that you actually have an interest in their company and want to work for them over other companies. Highlight not only your passion for their purpose and products but also the research you've done on the company.

"I'm interested in your company because I've learned from the research I've done that you are an interdependent team of people who value leading by example and providing great customer service. Also, I admire your dedication to equal opportunity programs and giving back to the community. I know I would be a very great fit here."

2) How would you describe your leadership style?

Interviewers might ask this questions to see how you talk about yourself and whether you have prior experience in leadership positions. Take advantage of this opportunity by explaining any past experiences and then honestly and humbly expressing your strengths.

"Based on my experiences working for the YMCA as a swim coach and working at SweetFrog as an assistant manager, I would say that my leadership style consists of leading by example and being consistently participative. That is, I help with everyday tasks in order to promote unity and productivity within the team."

3) Describe someone you coached or mentored. What did that process look like?

Coaching and mentoring team members will be a crucial aspect of serving as a general manager. Highlight a situation where you successfully led and influenced someone to make positive changes in their life.

"Through the 'Big Brothers Big Sisters' organization, I mentored a girl in middle school for several years. Before we formed a relationship, she struggled with her grades and making time to study, but over the course of our time together, I was able to help her make better choices in her life."

4) Talk about a successful work project involving multiple teams. What was your role?

Being able to effectively work on a team is essential to landing a general manager position. Employers want to know that you can not only work well with others but that you can also step up within a group by taking initiative.

"At a previous job, there was one night where the manager had to leave early for a family emergency. Since the store was new and most of us hadn't closed up alone, no one felt sure what to do. Instead of waiting for someone else to step up, I embraced the role of leader and organized the other employees into teams and then delegated the closing chores to the different groups."

5) How would you tell a team member that he/she was underperforming?

A general manager is responsible for giving consistent, effective feedback to team members, so describe a situation where you provided someone with helpful constructive criticism on their work performance.

"When I worked at the YMCA, one of the swim coaches under me began to stop showing up to practices. Instead of embarrassing him in front of the team or being harsh, I quietly pulled him aside and asked him if there was any way I could help him. He opened up that he had been going through a hard time, and together, we were able to compromise and find the best solution.”

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