3 ways to make bigger tips

Plenty of jobs provide you with the chance to earn tips including servers, delivery drivers and housekeepers. While you're on the clock, there are several things you can do to walk out with even more cash at the end of your shift. After doing some research (and pulling from a decade of my experiences as a restaurant worker), I've put together a list of the top 3 ways to make bigger tips and be better at your job.

Show off your smileThis seems like a no-brainer but studies have shown that you can double your tips just by putting on a friendly face and showing off your pearly whites. By smiling you're showing your guests that you're approachable and eager to make sure they feel welcome. Get started by taking the time to introduce yourself to your customers and watch the dolla' bills roll in.

Make a connection It's your job to make customer experiences memorable. So whether you're telling a customer about your favorite entree, or remembering to wish them a happy birthday, making personal connections is a great way to boost your tips and create return customers. It all comes down to the little things.

Anticipate customer needs

If you really want to impress your customers and make some extra jingle in your tip jar, start thinking about what they may need before they even have to ask. Anticipate refill requests and napkin needs-this makes you look like you're on your 'A' game. Plus, as a server this can save you a few extra trips back to their table. Win, win.

These are just a few of the basics to start making extra cha-ching on the job. Do you have any secrets that work when you're trying to get bigger tips?

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