3 boss interview outfits that won’t break the bank

You've scheduled an interview and now you have no idea what to wear. As job search experts, this is a question we get all the time. Before you start freaking out in front of your closet, take a breather and listen up.

Wearing the perfect outfit can make you feel unstoppable. That confidence is the best accessory and a great way to make an excellent first impression. Because let's be real, an inappropriate outfit is sure to hurt your chances of getting hired.

To help you get started, we put together three boss interview outfits, inspired by a few ladies we love. Oh and did we mention, you can find each of these looks for $50 or less.

Michelle Obama has a classic style that is perfect inspiration for an interview outfit.

This outfit is a classic look inspired by former first lady Michelle Obama. This understated style is all about keeping it simple and getting down to business. Start by pairing a simple dress with your favorite jewelry and a fun bag--perfect for carrying extra copies of your resume. And don't forget to wear shoes that are stylish and comfortable so you can focus on the interview and not your aching feet.

What should I wear to my interview? Reese Witherspoon has the style.

If your style is more trendy than classic, add a fun pop of color to your interview look as the perfect way to show off your style for a retail gig. Grab a tote bag to carry extra forms, a bottle of water and any last-minute makeup basics you may need before wowing the interviewer. And fInish off your look with a slight heel that'll make you feel taller and more confident.

This outfit was inspired by Reese Witherspoon a boss lady full of determination and positivity. With a similar great attitude, you can show your potential boss how excited you are about the job.

Versatility is important when finding your interview outfit.

This outfit is a perfect look for an hourly job interview. It's a fun professional style that doesn’t come off as too stuffy. A blazer paired with a pencil skirt is a versatile style that and can be worn with flats or heels. Add in your favorite watch as a subtle way to show that you care about time and punctuality (just make sure you're on time to the interview).

Future duchess, Meghan Markle is new to the traditions of the royal family, but so far, she's been a fast learner and is embracing her new life with grace and style. You can do the same thing in your interview.

With the help of these outfits you should feel inspired to find the perfect style that boosts your confidence and doesn't break the bank. Need more inspiration? We’ve got you covered.

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