Top 10 places to work in Minneapolis

Not just one of the Twin Cities, Minneapolis is known for its many lakes and for being the birthplace of several restaurant chains. But that’s not all, Minneapolis is also home to some of the best hourly employers around. Check out the top 10 places to work in Minneapolis, chosen by job seekers like you.

  1. Metro Petro
    Metro Petro is a leading local gas station for the Minneapolis area. They offer a variety of unique benefits including flexible schedule, no overnight shifts, free weekly carwash and much more. Check out the available cashier positions at Metro Petro.
  2. The Cleaning Authority
    The Cleaning Authority is an environmentally responsible cleaning company. They’re proud to offer higher paying jobs than other companies in the industry. Not to mention, they offer excellent benefits including paid vacation and holidays. Check out available jobs at The Cleaning Authority near you.
  3. Foot Locker
    According to their employees, Foot Locker is a great place to work. They offer an excellent employee discount and flexible scheduling. Join the team as a sales associate, assistant manager or sales lead in the Minneapolis area.
  4. Kmart
    Kmart strives to create “WOW” experiences for their customers and employees every day. They’re proud to provide jobs that empower their employees to build successful careers. Explore the opportunities to become a Kmart team member in Minneapolis.
  5. White Castle
    White Castle is known for being an iconic fast food brand. But that’s not all. They also reward their employees with generous benefits and on-the-job perks. Become a team member at your local White Castle and see what all the hype is about.
  6. Caribou Coffee
    Caribou Coffee is known for treating their employees well. Being a member of their team has plenty of perks, including pay increases, promotions and great benefits. Check out all the open positions available in the Minneapolis area.
  7. Dairy Queen
    Known for their delicious ice cream and swift customer service, Dairy Queen is proud to create an atmosphere where their customers and employees feel at home. Explore their open positions and join the DQ team in Minneapolis.
  8. The Cheesecake Factory
    The Cheesecake Factory is an award-winning company with a fast-paced environment and top-notch employee benefits. There are a variety of different exciting and rewarding positions to choose from. Explore the possibilities at your Minneapolis location.
  9. Qdoba
    At Qdoba they take pride in hiring unique employees that are dedicated to customer service. And they reward them with a generous employee discount as well as training and growth opportunities. Join the Qdoba team of cooks, team members and catering delivery drivers in Minneapolis.
  10. Embassy Suites
    Embassy Suites is about providing their guests with all-inclusive stays at affordable rates. But that dedication doesn’t stop with their customers. They provide their employees with perks like hands-on training and a friendly atmosphere. Explore the opportunities waiting at your local Embassy Suites.


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