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at  Starboard Group Management Company
700 East Gay Streeet
West Chester, PA 19380

At a glance

Job type Part-time, Full-time
Estimated Wages $8.40 to $13.18 per hour
(Snag Est. )

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Job description

Utilizing a knowledge of positional skills, customer service and courtesy, health and safety regulations and all food safety, safety and security and employee policies and procedures; the crew member position is responsible for providing quality products and service in a clean and safe environment to each and every customer.

Additional Info


To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or abilities required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

The essential functions of the various crew member positions within the restaurant are attached. In most cases, it is desirable for a crew member to be cross-trained in at least three service positions.

Each position does not exist in every restaurant and sales volume dictates which positions will be used and for now long on each shift. Immediately before and after peak volume periods and during all “slow periods,” it is customary for crewmembers to “bump and slide” in positions that do not compromise food safety. This process simply means that during certain periods, a crew member will work several positions within a short period of time while adhering to food safety standards.

Delivering quality food orders within specified service time goals is fundamental to the nature of the business. Each employee must be able to execute his/her position with a speed sufficient to contribute to the overall goal and objectives as defined by Service Excellence.



As a member of a team, it is necessary that all crewmembers arrive at work on time for their scheduled shift. Absences must be held to a minimum and all “call-off” procedures must be followed.

All crew members must understand and demonstrate good “people skills” in dealing with customers. Prompt, friendly, courteous service, delivered with a pleasant attitude is essential. Service excellence must be delivered to each and every customer.

All crew members must have a “teamwork” attitude and be able to contribute to the efficient operation of the shift. Positive working relationships among the entire restaurant team are a must.

Each crewmember is expected to present a neat, well-groomed appearance at all times. This includes strict adherence to the dress code policy.

The fast pace within our restaurants and the need to meet requests from the public, requires all crew members to be able to handle stressful situations while maintaining a calm, pleasant attitude and efficient working pace.


All employees must be at least 16 years of age and possess all documents and permits required by state and federal law.


Previous restaurant experience is helpful but not required; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

All positions require long periods of standing without a break. Lifting and reaching requirements are listed on each positional accountability below.

All positions should be maintained at rush readiness standards through re-stocking and cleaning the immediate area during service breaks.

These positions are responsible for seeing that all orders, whether for the Dining Room or Pick Up Window (PUW), are assembled correctly within the stated time goals for the specific restaurant. On the front service line, the line coordinator/runner must be able to:

•	Assist the register operator with filling order.
•	Must know proper serving & bagging procedures and be able to bag all “to go” orders.
•	Thank each customer as they receive their completed order.

At the PUW line, the runner/line coordinator must be able to perform all the tasks listed above, as well as:

Make sure each bagged order is complete, with the receipt placed in the bag after the order is complete.
Keep bagged orders separate at the window to prevent the wrong order from going out the window.
Must be able to reach the condiment stand, which is 4 ft. from the floor and at a depth of 3 ft.

Customer courtesy is a must with the order taker/dining room person. This person is around the dining room customers during their entire visit. The first responsibility of the order taker/dining room position is taking the orders of customers in the serpentine when four or more customers are in line.

The order taker responsibilities include such things as:

•	Greeting customer(s).
•	Accurately filling out the customer(s) check.
•	Suggesting additional items for customer(s) meal (i.e. offering a drink when only a sandwich is ordered).
•	Thanking customer(s).

The second responsibility of the order taker/dining room person is to assist any customer(s) requiring any type of special assistance (i.e. moving a table, caring customer’s tray to their table, and helping set-up high chairs).

This person is responsible for properly cleaning trays and returning them to the service line. Trays are to be carried in stacks of 12-15 that have a weight of 5-10 lbs.

The dining room responsibilities include such things as:

1. Cleaning tables and chairs after each use.
2. Using the hand held carpet sweeper as needed.
3. Realigning tables and chairs as necessary. 
4. Spot cleaning all glass windows and doors.
5. Maintaining the cleanliness of the rest rooms.

The condiment stand is also maintained by the order taker/dining room person. If  the ketchup pump becomes empty, the dining room person must take it to the back room to be replenished. Additional stock for the condiment stand must also be taken from the back room to the condiment stand by the order taker/dining room person.

Must be able to press meat to the correct size specification. This person is also responsible for a visual check of all cooked products on the grill to see that proper quality standards are maintained.

Must be able to turn and press meat patties on a grill surface that is 3 ft. off  the floor.  The grill with attached grill board on the front, reaches a depth of up to 4 ft. and the operator must be able to reach the back.

Must be able to serve meat to either service line when both grills are not in operation, which is the situation 80 to 90% of the time.

The grill operator may cook grilled chicken and may hand a wrapped potato to the sandwich maker.

Must be able to water clean the grill surface and maintain overall cleanliness of the area.

Must be able to determine the customer’s order from a video monitor  at each service line, or in some cases from a speaker system (headset).

Must be able to determine the customer’s order from a video monitor at each service line, or in some cases from a speaker system (headset).

Portions and serves fries and nuggets to both service lines.

Goes to the walk-in cooler periodically during each shift to get fries from the fry slacking rack.  Up to 2 bags of fries are retrieved at a time, with each bag/box weighing 5-6 lbs.  May also have to retrieve nuggets from freezer.

Must be able to cook  fries, then using both hands, pick up the fry basket out of the shortening, hold it stationary for 5 seconds to allow the fries to drain and then empty them into the fry bin.

Must be able to determine the customer’s order from a video monitor, or in some cases from a speaker system (headset) at Pick Up Window (PUW).

Must wear disposable vinyl gloves while working in a sandwich position.

Retrieves buns from the bun warmer located over the sandwich station at a height of approximately 59-66 inches.

Must be able to reach the back of the sandwich station, with the sandwich board on the front, reach a depth of  up to 4 ft.

Retrieves condiment pans from underneath the station in order to replenish the station throughout the shift.

At the sandwich station,  must also prepare baked potatoes to order.

The drink person must be able to receive the customer’s order from either the video monitor or from a speaker system (headset).

Must portion and serve cold drinks.  Must prepare and serve all hot beverages.  Additionally, the drink person must also portion and serve Chili and Frosties.

It is necessary for this person to replenish the ice in the ice bin several times during a shift.  A bucket of ice weighs approximately 15 lbs., and must be carried from the ice machine in the back room of the store to the service line ice bins.

Responsible for greeting the customer, taking their order and keying it into the register.  If the restaurant uses a speaker system, the order must be relayed over the speaker to enable the crew to process the order.

If the restaurant is using order takers, the register operator must be able to transact the order from the customer check.

The register operator must complete the cash transaction with the customer.

During non-rush, the register operator must perform other duties.  The register operator may prepare the drinks for the order, and in many cases must assist with “Bagging” the order, if for carryout.

In certain restaurant configurations, the register operator may perform Drinks and Bagging duties during a rush period as well.

If the register operator is assigned to the Pick-Up Window, must be able to make all the above transactions through the window with the customer in the car. The reach to the car is normally 3-4 ft. from the window.

At the Pick-Up Window, the register operator must be able to carry on a two-way conversation with customer using a headset system.

Must get case of lettuce (weight up to 50 lbs. And in a box approximately 3 ft. long and 2 ft. wide) from the walk-in cooler, place on utility cart and move to prep area.

In lettuce preparation, tow hands are required for safe operation of the cutter.

Return sandwich lettuce, in 22-quart buckets filled with water, to the walk-in cooler (requires lifting).

To safely slice tomatoes, slicer locks onto the prep table. Operation requires two hands.

May use a serrated knife to prepare various sandwich toppings and salad products.

If raw bacon product is used, a person must be able to reach the back of the grill which is 3 ft. from the floor, and reaches a depth of 3-4 ft.

Wash windows inside, then out alternating every other day. Must be able to move freely through landscaped areas and over curbs. Some locations may also require the use of a step ladder.

Pull products from freezer and/or walk-in cooler, may include chili meat, fries, chicken products. Requires ability to lift and carry products weighing up to 36 lbs.

Chili must be placed on a stove in double boiler fashion. The stove is approximately 3 ft. off the floor and has a depth of 4 ft., that a person must be able to reach. A full pot of chili weighs approximately 34 lbs.; this must be lifted into the bottom of the double boiler, which would already be on the stove.

Must be able to lift cooked chili from the stove and carry to the 3 compartment or Power Soak sink (approximately 3 ft. above the floor); pour chili into a full sized pan resting in the sink compartment; then carry chili to service line to be placed in one of the heated wells.

Must be able to clean and sanitize dirty dishes and place them in a appropriate place on shelves. To reach higher shelves, a person may need to stand on a step stool.

Trash must be emptied by an opener. This requires taking each of the 50-gallon containers from inside the store, using a two-wheeled cart, to the dumpster and emptying the containers. Requires lifting.

Must be able to operate a can opener and onion slicer. Operation requires two hands.

Cleaning the chili stove surface, trough and surrounding areas. Must be able to reach the back of the stove which is at a depth of 4 ft. Cleaning surrounding areas included cleaning stainless steel wall protectors which are approximately 5-7 ft. from the floor.

Filtering Fryers, French Fryers and Chicken Fryer. For safety reasons, this procedure requires good mobility and use of both hands.

The majority of pre-close tasks involve cleaning and stocking. Mobility (i.e. bending, reaching, wiping and carrying) is a requirement during pre-close.

When cleaning rest rooms, must be able to wipe walls from floor to ceiling, requires use of step stool. Must be able to reach corners and baseboards behind fixtures.

Grill must be cleaned. To safely clean, crew member uses both hands and must reach to back of grill at a depth of 4 ft.

Service line equipment such as the bun warmers, multipurpose holding cabinets and the fry station must be completely wiped down. To wipe the tops of the bun warmers, may require the crew member to stand on  a step stool.

All floors must be scrubbed with a deck brush, rinsed and TileVac or squeegeed dry.

Final cleaning in the dining room includes:

1.	Taking trash to the back room.
2.	Moving all tables and chairs and vacuuming the carpet.
3.	Realigning tables and chairs, and salt and pepper shakers.
4.	Cleaning rest rooms again, if necessary.
5.	Spot cleaning glass on windows and doors.

Front service line closing includes cleaning the Frosty machine(s), person must be able to clean top chamber using a step stool if necessary.

Chili remaining on service lines must be taken to the back, placed in clean 22-quart plastic food storage container. Remove a chili Rapi-Kool from freezer. Place the frozen Rapi-Kool into the chili. Place the container of chili on a lower shelf in the walk-in cooler. Closing sandwich stations requires a crew member to reach a depth of 4 ft. to remove pans from top of station and change empty pans. This person cleans out the reach-ins underneath.

Dishes are completed by washing, rinsing and sanitizing; then storing in appropriate location. This may require the use of a step stool.

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Posted: 2019-05-01
Valid Through: 2019-07-23

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