Nurse Director of Behavioral Health

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Nurse Director of Behavioral Health


St. Mary's Medical Center is a full-service acute care facility with more than 575 physicians and 1,100 employees who provide high-quality and affordable health care services to the Bay Area community. Home to advanced medical practices, such as the nation's first digital cardiac catheterization laboratory, pioneering spine surgery and comprehensive rehabilitation, St. Mary's Medical Center is one of San Francisco's leading hospitals, offering patients a full range of outpatient and inpatient services delivered with the human touch. Strategies and business development are centered around Oncology Services, Cardiac Services and Orthopedics.


Position Title: Director of Behavioral Health Services

Position Summary: Directs the daily operation, supervision and quality control in the Mental Health Care Services function. Works with administration to develop the budget and make necessary adjustments to meet quality standards and budgetary parameters. Responsible for daily staffing of the functional areas. Works with staff to insure that supplies and services are utilized in a cost - effective manner and that the supplies and support necessary to meet operating objectives are available.

* Insures efficiency of care by effectively integrating Mental Health Care services with ancillary and other services. As census requires and patient care allows, combines units and implements other procedures which enhance unit efficiency

* Consistently and pro-actively involves department in measurably improving performance. Sets appropriate priorities for self and staff, establishes and revises action plans with measurable, realistic targets and timetables, and meets deadlines. Consistently communicates objectives and progress to department members to improve quality and achieve goals.

* Accurately projects expenses, revenues, and labor needs. Operates within budget while meeting program objectives. Monitors and justifies variances, adjusting program objectives as circumstances change. Achieves targeted productivity gains and efficiencies. Identifies and implements measures which improve cost-effectiveness of department operations.



* Knowledge of organization's budget process and ability to apply policies and practices for planning and administering a budget.

* Knowledge of healthcare industry's trends, directions, major issues, regulatory considerations and trendsetters; ability to apply this knowledge appropriately to diverse situations.

* Knowledge of applicable laws, rules and regulations governing proper medical conduct; ability to apply these theories to identify, report, deal with and prevent ethical conflicts, ensuring a harmonious and efficient healthcare environment.

* Knowledge of principles and practices associated with the rights and responsibilities of patients and caregivers; ability to apply these theories to identify, report, deal with and prevent patient rights violations.

* Knowledge of and ability to manage behavioral health departmental operations, including monitoring the development, interpretation and application of behavioral health services and programs as well as operational policies and procedures.

* Knowledge of behavioral treatment techniques and procedures; ability to assess, manage and ensure high quality behavioral therapy for diverse mental disorders.

* Knowledge of theories and methodologies for psychological counseling; ability to conduct a planned counseling interaction and design a counseling process to facilitate clients' progress toward meeting counseling goals and objectives.

* Knowledge of psychotherapeutic models, theories and methodologies; ability to implement psychotherapeutic programs based on the principles and procedures of mental health and related disciplines to increase an individual's sense of well-being

Education and Experience:

* Minimum of five (5) years of clinical experience. Minimum of three (3) years of management experience.

* Bachelor's degree or a combination of education and/or additional job related experience in lieu of the degree

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