Hourly Entry Level Management

at  Wegmans
Chantilly, 14361 Newbrook Drive
Chantilly, VA 20151

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Hourly Entry Level Management

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Chantilly Hourly Entry Level Management

Age requirement:

Must be 18 or older

Additional Comments:

The grand opening of the new Chantilly store will be in June 2018.

The Chantilly store will be open 6am-midnight, 7 days a week.

Full-time interviews will begin in September 2017

Part-time interview will begin in December 2017

Opportunities are for Year-Round Employment

Online correspondence through email is important throughout the Wegmans hiring process. Please ensure that your contact information is accurate and changes are updated as they occur.

Interview Location:

14280 Park Meadow Dr.

Chantilly, VA 20151

Suite 100

Phone: 571-525-5622

At Wegmans, Team Leaders, Management Trainees and Department Managers lead and develop employees to ensure their departments are running efficiently, effectively and profitably. They focus on driving sales through innovative merchandising approaches, industry knowledge and technical expertise, as well as interviewing and selecting the best team members; developing their skills, passion and knowledge while equipping them with the tools needed to grow in their roles.

I will add value in the following Entry Level Management positions available at Wegmans:


Team Leader (TL):

Team Leaders are found in each department of the store. Whether overseeing a smaller department independently or assisting a department manager in a larger department, TLs all work closely with team members to develop the skills and knowledge needed to provide incredible customer service. They work to ensure products are available for customers, and displays are well-merchandised and eye-appealing. TLs lead employees by example to complete tasks in the department and best serve the needs of the customer and the store.


Team Leaders are found in the following departments: Service departments; Merchandising departments; Pharmacy department (in some Wegmans stores); Perishable departments; Prepared Foods departments


Service Team Leader (STL):

Service Team Leaders are found on the Front End of the store; the area where customers begin and end their shopping experience. STLs supervise and develop a team of Front End employees and are entrusted with managing the entire store during early morning, late evening and nighttime hours as well as weekend operations. Possessing a love of food and a passion for people, STLs are natural leaders looking to launch their leadership career at Wegmans.


  • Please note: Service Team Leaders are unique in that they are given the responsibility of managing the entire store at various times. Our existing stores experience busy sales patterns on the weekends. STLs also work a variety of shifts, hours, and days each week, and are typically scheduled a minimum of 2 – 3 nights per week until approximately 12:30am.


Management Trainee (not a current opportunity but for future growth):

Management Trainees work through a structured training program to strengthen leadership skills, and become effective leaders and strategic business partners at Wegmans. MTs focus on a specific department while working hands-on to learn about Wegmans values, business measures, standards and operations to become a successful Team Leader or Department Manager upon completion of the program. MTs are motivated self-starters looking for the opportunity to launch a store operations leadership career at Wegmans.


Management Trainees are found in the following departments: Bakery; Café; Deli; Floral*; Front End; Home and Entertaining; Grocery; Meat; Olde World Cheese; Produce; Seafood


Department Manager (not a current opportunity but for future growth):

At Wegmans, our largest departments utilize the Department Manager role. This person will be responsible for the profitability and appearance of the department(s) they manage while ensuring employees are working to meet customer and store needs. Using strong managerial, leadership, merchandising and problem solving skills, department managers demonstrate profit and loss (P&L) responsibility by managing product levels and making decisions that affect both the department as well as the store.


Department Managers departments include: Bakery; Café; Prepared Foods; Deli; Floral*; Front End; Home and Entertaining; Grocery; Meat; Olde World Cheese; Overnight Grocery; Produce; Seafood



*denotes a department not found in all Wegmans stores



Work Environment:

  • Work generally involves continuous interactions with customers and co-workers in a fast-paced environment
  • Will be required to spend the majority of time on his or her feet and stand or walk without a break for up to 4 hours
  • May be exposed to various allergens
  • Specific motions, weight lifting requirements and temperature conditions will vary by department
  • Perishable and Culinary departments require proper and safe handling of knives and other cooking or baking utensils and equipment
  • In order to maintain a high standard of food safety, it is Wegmans’ policy that when working in Perishable and Culinary areas a hair restraint must be worn at all times. Also, facial ornaments & jewelry must be removed.



Days/Hours Requirement:

  • Full Time applicants are required to have an open availability Sunday-Saturday, between the primary operating hours of 6am-Midnight, unless specified for a position/department. Full Time employees work a minimum of 40 hours/week, in 8-hour intervals including evenings and weekends to meet business needs. Weekend availability is required.
  • All applications will be screened and only applicants whose qualifications most closely match the job requirements will receive an interview.
  • If you might be a match for a position, we will contact you with additional information regarding the interview process.
  • If your application and qualifications do not match the job requirements, you will be notified through email.
  • Employment at Wegmans may be contingent upon applicants passing a drug screen and/or criminal background check
  • In order to receive proper training prior to the store opening, all employees will be required to commute to other stores in Northern Virginia. Travel may be required (and should be expected) for each shift an employee is scheduled to work prior to the store opening.

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