Maid Job Description

  • On average, maids make around $9 per hour plus tips
  • Many residential housecleaners work for small businesses
  • You'll need to seriously love cleaning all types of messes

What do maids do?

The number one thing you hear from owners of cleaning companies is that it's just not enough to like to clean your house once a week. It's a very different thing to clean up after your own family than cleaning up after a complete stranger. Cleaning eight hours a day is hard work, no two ways about it.

Maids usually work individually or on small cleaning teams by traveling from house to house on a fixed schedule. Cleaning rates are usually set by the hour, where you're responsible for completing a set number of tasks in a fixed time frame. That achy feeling you get from cleaning your own house will only intensify when you do it all day. Maids need to be able to stand, stoop, lift and crawl for several hours at a time.

A large percentage of residential housecleaners work for franchised offices of companies like MaidPro or The Maids International. Opportunities at these companies can be a great learning and career opportunity because they provide employees the chance to work closely with the company owners. Small business owners are always looking for loyal and trustworthy employees who can be promoted into leadership positions.

How much do maids make?

The average salary for all maids is about $9 per hour. Maids with extensive experience, or those who work in areas with a higher cost of living, can make up to $16 per hour. Maids and residential house cleaners also rely heavily on tips to boost their income. In many cases the harder you work, the more money you'll make.

What are the education requirements to be a maid?

To work as a maid there are no strict education requirements. Many people working as residential house cleaners may decide to move into managerial roles or open their own business, both of which may require a degree.

Career paths for maids

The career opportunities for maids will vary based on the industry you work in. Many residential house cleaners work for small cleaning companies and franchises. In these roles there are positions available as team leads and supervisors, as well as office positions. For self-employed house cleaners, there is potential for expanded business and entrepreneurship.

The future of maids

The BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) expects average growth in maid positions over the 2008-2018 decade. Most positions will be in hotel and casino jobs. But as fewer and fewer families have a stay-at-home parent in the household, the assistance of cleaning staff on a temporary basis could become a necessity.

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