Barista Job Description

post a jobOn average, baristas make around $8.50 per hour. Barista positions are great part-time jobs for those with flexibility, and you'll need to be able to multi-task for this job.

What do baristas do?

Fun fact: almost 60 percent of adults living in the U.S. drink coffee every day and that number is only growing. That's good news for you, because that delicious white chocolate mocha isn't going to make itself. Nope, it takes a skilled hand and a passion for beverage perfection to really deliver the goods.

You could be that skilled hand. Baristas are the friendly worker behind the counter at your favorite coffee shop or bookstore, serving up your favorite thirst quenching beverages all day long. As a barista, you'll need to make beverages in an extremely fast paced environment by following the standard recipes. You'll need to be a great multi-tasker and be able to get it right the first time. People are grumpy in the morning before their coffee, and they only get grumpier when their order is wrong.

How much do baristas make?

Coffee shop job descriptionsThe average hourly pay for all baristas is about $8.50 per hour including tips, but will vary by experience and location. Experienced baristas who work in high volume coffee shops can earn up to $12 per hour (that includes tips).

What are the education requirements?

While there aren't any strict education requirements for baristas, most employers prefer a high school diploma or GED. While students in high school are able to perform the functions of the job, the hours aren't great for high school students. Remember, people love coffee early in the morning and late at night, and that doesn't fit well in the average high school schedule.

Career paths for baristas

Many people choose barista positions as part-time jobs because they offer flexible scheduling for people with morning availability. Working as a barista also offers great customer service and food service experience. It's a great entry-level job for someone looking to get into the restaurant industry. If you discover you have a passion for coffee beans, you could move into shift supervisor roles or other management positions.

The future of baristas

The BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) expects average growth for barista positions and will correspond to growth in population over the 2008-2018 decade.


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