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Marysville, CA 95901

Yuba College values a “student first” philosophy thatemphasizes excellence in student learning and success;develops individual potential; and responds effectively tothe diverse educational and economic needs of the community.As an open access institution of higher educationwithin the California Community College System and asa gateway to the world- Yuba College embraces diversityand provides comprehensive quality educational programsand student services.The educational program prepares students for transferto baccalaureate-granting institutions- for entry into thejob market- or for further career development. Yuba Collegeoffers general education- vocational education- anddegree and certificate programs at the lower division level.The College further offers instruction and related studentservices in areas which develop basic skills and studentsuccess- including developmental education- English-as-asecond language instruction- and adult non-credit courses.Yuba College is committed to promoting leadership andresponsibility- encouraging a commitment to lifelong learningin all members of the college community and regularlyreviewing its mission and its effectiveness.