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Marshall, TX 75670

MISSION STATEMENTWiley College- founded in 1873 in Marshall- Texas- is a historically black- primarily liberal arts- residential- co-educational- baccalaureate degree-granting institution affiliated with The United Methodist Church. Committed to the principle of educational access- the College serves traditional and non-traditional students from diverse backgrounds who have expressed a desire and potential for learning in a Christian environment. The College- in fulfilling its basic purpose of providing a liberal arts education with a global focus- endeavors to provide an intellectually stimulating environment- promoting student competencies in communication- as well as- critical and analytical thinking. The College also supports spiritual- ethical- moral- and leadership development. To achieve these superordinate goals- the College promotes an atmosphere of academic freedom and employs a faculty committed to excellence and innovation in teaching- advising- and scholarship. The faculty provides a rigorous curriculum for preparing graduates for professional or graduate studies and/or productive careers in traditional and emerging career fields. Wiley College is committed to shared governance and exemplary stewardship of its resources. The College employs innovative techniques and strategic planning in all its administrative processes- using cutting-edge technology in the delivery of services to its clientele. Acknowledging its covenant relationship with The United Methodist Church- the College affirms the ideal of social responsibility and seeks to contribute to the welfare and revitalization of its community. (Approved by the Wiley College Board of Trustees July 15- 2011.)