Jobs Near Welder Training and Testing Institute

Allentown, PA

Welder Training and Testing Institute is a private Corporation and co-educational institution of higher learning-that trains men and women for challenging careers in welding. WTTI recognizes the fact that every student is an individual with different learning ability and potential. Every effort is made to individualize the training and maximize the skill potential of each student. Every member of the WTTI staff is committed to ensuring the success of each student. The courses at the school are designed to prepare the student for employment opportunities within the career field. All the courses given at the school are selected and scheduled to contribute to that objective. Surveys of the industries which employ our graduates are conducted to determine what changes or modifications should be made in our training programs. Policies of the school are determined to a large extent by the requirements of employers who hire our graduates. These policies are administered within the framework of the regulations set forth by various governmental agencies which regulate the school.