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Saint Louis, MO

Committed to Our Students:Washington University's educational mission is the promotion of learning -- learning by students and by faculty. Teaching- or the transmission of knowledge- is central to our mission- as is research- or the creation of new knowledge. The faculty- composed of scholars- scientists- artists- and members of the learned professions- serves society by teaching; by adding to the store of human art- understanding- and wisdom; and by providing direct services- such as health care.Central to our mission are our goals- which are to foster excellence in our teaching- research- scholarship- and service; to prepare students with the attitudes- skills- and habits of lifelong learning and with leadership skills- enabling them to be useful members of a global society; and to be an exemplary institution in our home community of St. Louis- as well as in the nation and in the world.Through our goals Washington University intends to judge itself by the most demanding standards; to attract people of great ability from all types of backgrounds; to encourage faculty and students to be bold- independent- and creative thinkers; and to provide the infrastructure to support teaching- research- scholarship- and service for the present and for future generations.