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Central to the WSWHE Practical Nursing Program's philosophy are beliefs about people- nursing and education. We view people as holistic- unique human beings with complex physical- emotional- social and spiritual needs. We also feel they- as clients- have a right to decide how to meet their health care needs and to participate in the process of meeting those needs. Practical Nurses make a unique and valuable contribution in helping clients to achieve an optimum level of health and wellness in a variety of health care settings. We feel it is important that Practical Nurses consider their clients' lifestyles- values and cultures as they care for their clients.Nursing is a caring profession. It is both an art and a science. The practice of Nursing arises from a core of knowledge that integrates concepts from biological- psychological- social sciences and liberal arts. All nursing practice is adjusted to meet the needs of clients at their stage in the life cycle and to attain an optimum level of wellness as determined by actual or potential health problems. Nursing is always governed by legal and ethical parameters.We believe leaning is a continuous process moving from the simple to the complex that leads to changes in student behavior. Learning is enhanced by active involvement on the part of the learner as well as interaction with faculty- both of which promote students' critical thinking and problem solving abilities. We believe Practical Nursing education should provide students with learning skills that prepare them for the changing needs and dictates of the health care delivery system and society.Two defining statements from the Licensed Practical Nurses' national organizations help guide our curriculum toward preparing grades for practice.The Practical Nurse utilizes specialized knowledge and skills which meet the health needs of people in a variety of settings under the direction of qualified health professionals. (NFLPN 1997)