Jobs Near University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

Green Bay, WI

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is part of the University of Wisconsin System- a system with 13 university campuses and 13 two-year colleges. UW-Green Bay offers a wide array of undergraduate liberal arts and pre-professional programs and select master’s level programs built upon the university’s undergraduate strengths. UW-Green Bay emphasizes an interdisciplinary academic approach that offers opportunities for applied- hands-on learning. The University stresses critical thinking and examining issues from multiple perspectives. By doing so- it prepares students for the jobs of today and tomorrow- and also prepares students to become informed- active citizens. UW-Green Bay promotes the interchange of ideas between the University and community through internships and continuing education and by fulfilling its role as an intellectual- economic and cultural resource. The University encourages teaching excellence and innovation- community service- and racial and ethnic diversity.