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Stockton, CA

The University of the Pacific’s mission is to provide a superior- student-centered learning experience integrating liberal arts and professional education and preparing individuals for lasting achievement and responsible leadership in their careers and communities.The first chartered institution of higher education in the State of California- the University of the Pacific is a mid-sized independent- comprehensive university offering a wide choice of high-quality undergraduate and graduate programs in Stockton- Sacramento- and San Francisco.Pacific is an outstanding blend of the advantages of the diverse programs of a major university and the broad- highly personalized learning of the selective liberal arts college.We accomplish our mission through highly personalized programs delivered in a caring- supportive- and attractive environment. We seek to develop and strengthen self-confidence- initiative- analytical and problem-solving abilities- and an enthusiasm for learning.Central to our mission is the dedication of our faculty and staff to excellence in teaching and advising. We encourage and support research- scholarship and creative activity as complements to our fundamental mission of teaching.Our mission dictates a commitment to leadership development- global awareness- community involvement and opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds. We are committed to providing practical experiences to complement classroom learning. Highly interactive student-faculty relations and a broad array of co-curricular activities that help to develop students' abilities are hallmarks of learning at the University of the Pacific.