Jobs Near University of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences-San Antonio Perrin

San Antonio, TX 78217

The mission of the institution is to provide an opportunity for students to achieve a quality cosmetology education for a group of learners who have the ability to benefit from the programs.In order for the institution to achieve its stated mission- our goal and objective is to:GoalTrain students to successfully pass the state licensure examInstill a sense of professionalism in each student and provide up-to-date training information.Provide placement services which wil help ensure that our graduates have assistance in seeking entry-level placement jobs in their field of study.ObjectivePrepare to take and pass the state board exam in the field of comsetolgoy in order to be eligible for entry level employemnt in the field of cosmetologyLearn to communicate effectively in order to build a clientele and provide a good working costomer service relationship with the public.