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Glendale, AZ

Mission: We educate global leaders who create sustainable prosperity worldwide.The vision is “To be the world’s foremost learning community for global managers and global enterprises.” At Thunderbird- we believe in and uniquely develop the following core values:Global Mindset – Effective global managers must be capable of leading global organizations- applying business knowledge in different social- economic and political environments- and working with individuals from diverse cultures. Global Citizenship – global management is a true profession- dedicated to the creation of sustainable economic and social value worldwide.Global Entrepreneurship – Successful global managers must be resourceful- innovative and capable of pursuing new opportunities in uncertain environments.Global Thought Leadership – Management knowledge is advanced most effectively through academically rigorous and practically relevant researchGlobal Learning Network – Networking among managers and experts on a global scale and exposure to a different cultures and business environments is essential for life-long learning and effective professional practice.