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Austin, TX 78704

The Mission of Texas College of Traditional Chinese Medicine- the oldest institution of acupuncture and Oriental medicine in Texas- is: To educate the students of our professional degree program in a rigorous learning environment of classroom and clinical settings to effectively apply the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine- thousands of years in development; To train qualified practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine to provide high quality complementary health care services and become an integral part of the modern healthcare system; and To further the knowledge of acupuncture and Chinese medicine through research- the highest quality of patient care- and community outreach and public service- consistent with the College's commitment to the ethical standards of the healthcare profession. EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES OF THE COLLEGE Graduates of this College will be fully qualified to meet the challenges of membership in the modern health care system- as evidenced by: A systematic knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine theories- philosophies- and practices- including an extensive grounding in the Chinese medical classics; The skills to assess patients and make an accurate TCM diagnosis; The ability to formulate and skillfully implement an effective application of acupuncture and herbs based upon the total assessment; The skill to communicate with other health care providers and appropriately refer patients to them; Professionalism in communication with patients and the public.