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Talladega, AL 35160

Talladega College has a tradition of developing leaders since its founding in 1867. It instills in its graduates the Values of intellectual excellence- hard work- and morality. The college provides academic programs and experiences for students- that among other outcomes- produce graduates who:Think analytically and strategicallySpeak effectively and read criticallyWrite with precision and clarityExhibit competency in their academic disciplineAssume leadership roles in societyThe College recognizes its historic achievements in the sciences and humanities grounded in liberal arts education by preparing students not only for the world of work but also for advanced graduate studies.The college nurtures the whole person through mentoring relations between faculty and students. It provides experiences that develop strong moral and ethical behaviors and responsibility to the local community and to the world.The college is part of the diverse global society and seeks to instill an understanding and appreciation of diversity through its curriculum and multicultural faculty.Talladega College is dedicated to producing well rounded leaders who think independently- who are self-assured- and who are committed to intellectual growth and service to their community.Adopted by the Board of trusteesJuly 17 2008