Jobs Near Suburban Technical School

Hempstead, NY

The mission of Suburban Technical School is to provide an educational environmentcharacterized by high expectations and staffed by individuals who are compassionate-supportive- creative- and effective. By recognizing the uniqueness of all students- we willassist each to achieve his/her potential.We believe students should be given the opportunity to receive a high quality educationfor the career best suited to their abilities- interests- and ambitions. To this end- theadministration and faculty have dedicated themselves to the following objectives:• To prepare students to meet the diverse requirements their career choices demand.• To prepare students to become self-sufficient and economically independent.• To help students develop proper work habits- professional attitudes- and increasedconfidence.• To offer sound business- allied health- and technical training in short-termprograms.• To assist graduates in securing entry-level employment in their chosen fields ofstudy.• To provide business- industry- government- and professionals with well-trainedpersonnel.