Jobs Near StenoTech Career Institute-Fairfield

Fairfield, NJ

1. To provide a pleasant and secure educational environment in which students grow with confidence and develop the skills and attitudes essential to a successful career in the information reporting and transcription fields; 2. To offer students a challenging and demanding program that prepares them for attractive positions in the workplace;3. To give students an edge in the job market by providing them with state-of-the-art technology and job-ready training throughout the program;4. To offer a support system of practical advice and encouragement from experienced- skilled- and committed faculty members- enabling students to set and meet their training and career goals;5. To motivate students by utilizing community resources that link them to their future work environment through increased awareness and participation;6. To assist students- after completion of their training- in finding suitable employment to meet their individual needs; 7. To provide a continuous source of support and assistance to graduates and former students as they enter the workforce and develop professionally in their chosen career.