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Staunton, VA 24401

MISSION STATEMENTThe STAUNTON SCHOOL OF COSMETOLOGY bases its operating philosophy on several significant forces exerting influence on students in the beauty industry today.We believe the most important objective in our entire philosophy is the training and equipping of our students with skills necessary to secure a successful and financially rewarding career.In today's business world- technological and product procedures change at an ever-increasing rate. As a leader in cosmetology training- the STAUNTON SCHOOL OF COSMETOLOGY is geared for immediate changes in its courses to keep pace with every change of the hair and fashion world.This is our philosophy- and it is this philosophy that drives our objectives:1.To present the most practical cosmetology training in the prescribed allotted time at a reasonable expense.2.To develop a wholesome and ethical- social- business- professional and civic attitude in all students.3.To provide to the cosmetology industry- employees who are well trained in the required skills- technologies and knowledge of hairstyling.4.To teach business skills to those who plan to own their own business.The STAUNTON SCHOOL OF COSMETOLOGY strives to produce a reasonable profit that will ensure constant educational growth of the staff- students- school training program- teaching methods and techniques and enable us to keep the latest professional equipment up to date.