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St. John's College is a community dedicated to liberal education. Such education seeks to free humanbeings from prejudice and unexamined opinion- to help them reflect on the nature of things and on the ends and means of human endeavors- and to enable them to make thoughtful choices in public and private life. Students at St. John's pursue such an education by participating in the activities of its community of learning. The central activity is the reading and discussion- in small classes- of the great works of the West. This study is supported by and intertwined with the study of the elements of languages- mathematics- science- and music. In Santa Fe there is also a program that focuses on the great works of the East. At St. John's College- we seek to develop in our students an awareness of fundamental alternatives for understanding the human condition- a desire and capacity for lifelong learning- and an ability to deal with complex issues through both cooperative inquiry and independent thinking.