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Springfield, IL 62702

St. John’s College is an upper divisioninstitution of higher learning dedicatedto provision of baccalaureateeducation in the discipline ofprofessional nursing. Students whohave successfully completed apreprofessional- liberal artscomponent at another college oruniversity are admitted regardless ofrace- color- religion- sex- nationalorigin- ancestry- age- marital status-handicap or veteran status. Theeducational experiences at the collegebuild upon prior learning to forge animmutable bond which is expressed ingraduates who are inquisitive-articulate- creative and productivemembers of this diverse society.In association with The HospitalSisters of the Third Order of St.Francis- the college values moral andspiritual development of the individualas well as intellectual and professionalgrowth. The merger of the liberal artsbase- professional education andpersonal growth enhancesdevelopment of graduates who makevaluable contributions to the welfareof society as well as their chosenprofession throughout their lifetime.The college emphasizes teaching andcommunity service while recognizingthe need to contribute to thedevelopment of knowledge as well asits dissemination. Its resources andunique faculty talents are madeaccessible to the community to assistin meeting needs and solvingproblems within the college’sframework of capabilities andlimitations.