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Brockton, MA

For over a century Signature Healthcare/Brockton Hospital School of Nursing (SH/BHSN) has distinguished itself as a leader in educational excellence. SH/BHSN offers its students a quality education made possible by an excellent faculty dedicated to teaching- advanced facilities- and resources for learning. A concern for the welfare of the individual student is an integral part of the student experience at SH/BHSN. As a result of a strong program in nursing- science- liberal arts and humanities- SH/BHSN prepares a nursegeneralist and educates its students to think critically- communicate effectively and act responsibly within acontext of personal and professional ethics. Essential to this mission is the SH/BHSN’s emphasis on life-long learning- which serves as a basis for a lifetime of intellectualand professional growth. SH/BHSN recognizes that its diversity is an important source of its strength and responds creatively to theneeds of a variety of populations. SH/BHSN generates and replenishes- whenever appropriate- resources essential to the social- cultural- economic and civic well-being of the communities it serves.As SH/BHSN adjusts to the challenges of contemporary society- it remains firmly committed to the growth and success of all those within its sphere of influence.